October 13, 2005

Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
Endorse California Border Police Initiative

(Los Angeles, CA): The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALDAS) has announced their support for the California Border Police Initiative.

ALADS is the largest association of deputy sheriffs and district attorney investigators in the United States, representing over 8,000 sworn law enforcement officers.

“This is a significant endorsement from one of the most respected law enforcement organizations in the state,� said Cal Border Police spokesman George Andrews. “They understand the seriousness of the illegal alien problem because they are exposed to it on the streets of our communities every day of the year. “

Currently in California there are over 18,000 illegal aliens in our state prison system. These are people who have committed serious felonies in addition to being in our country illegally. The cost of housing these prisoners is $750 million a year. It is estimated that 30 to 40 percent of inmates in the Los Angeles County jail system are here illegally.

The campaign for the California Border Police Initiative has until December 12 to gather signatures to qualify the measure for the ballot in 2006. The committee needs to turn in 598,105 valid signatures to make the ballot. For more information, please go to