Lou Dobbs Tonight
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tonight, the planned merger of Delta and Northwest is likely
the start of a consolidation trend in the airline industry.
Experts say the economics are too compelling for airlines to
pass up.

But while airlines are increasing their profit margins,
consumers will likely end up with fewer choices, more crowded
planes and more costly tickets. And middle class workers could
lose their jobs. We’ll have that story. Plus:

* Rep. Rush Holt has long proposed legislation calling for a
paper trail for electronic voting machines. Now his legislation
is finally coming up for a vote. But the Senate still won’t
take up the issue.

* Americans are fed up with the government’s mishandling of the
mortgage and housing crisis in this country. The Senate last
week passed a relief package packed with generous benefits for
homebuilders and Wall Street, while doing little for the
millions of struggling homeowners in this country. A coalition
of citizen groups is lobbying the House of Representatives to
fix the Senate’s proposal.

* As drug cartel violence in Mexico continues to escalate, the
State Department is warning Americans about the potential
dangers they face when traveling south of the border.

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Today, we’ll have reaction to Sen. John McCain’s speech on the
economy and the fallout over Sen. Barack Obama’s small-town
comments. Professor Carol Swain joins Lou to shed some light on
the campaigns for president, and Popular Mechanics’ Jerry
Beilinson outlines this country’s infrastructure crisis.

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