Lou Dobbs Tonight
Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tonight, after more than a year of competition the Democratic
nomination race appears to be at an end. What’s next for Sen.
Clinton, and how will Sen. Obama fare against Sen. McCain in
the fall? We’ll have complete coverage, with an emphasis, as
always, on the issues that matter most to ordinary Americans.

* This has been the most expensive election season in history,
and, as usual, a lot of the money is coming from lobbyists.
Sen. Obama has refused money from lobbyists, but still is
willing to take their advice on areas for which they lobby.
Sen. McCain says he will take lobbyist money, but not their
advice. But many of his campaign staffers came from lobbying

* The mayor of a Mexican town was shot dead this week in one of
the latest cases of drug cartel violence. A new poll conducted
by a Mexican newspaper finds that 53 percent of Mexicans
believe the cartels are wining the drug war.

* What does it mean to be an American? Most Americans believe
our national identity can be concretely defined, but six in ten
believe that American identity is weakening, according to a new

* Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made more negative
predictions for the U.S. economy, saying that home prices and
the global credit crunch will continue to pose risks to the
economic wellbeing of everyday Americans. We’ll have a look at
the economy that the next president will inherit.

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Today, we’ll have complete coverage of last night’s conclusion
to the Democratic primary season. Clinton supporter Robert
Zimmerman will be on to talk about what’s next for both
Democratic contenders. Republican strategist Ed Rollins will
size up the general election prospects. Martha Allman, the
director of admissions at Wake Forest University, will discuss
her school's decision to stop requiring standardized admissions
tests. And economist Pat Choate will join Lou to talk about the
economy and independent politics. And we’ll be taking your
calls as always.

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