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A major drug ring is busted in the Tri-State.

17 people were arrested in Hamilton, Fairfield, Middletown, Springdale, Lebanon and Hamilton County. Drug Enforcement Agents and local police agencies carried out the search warrants Friday morning.

Henry Holmes, from hamilton, is the suspected ring leader. His nephew, Juan Holmes, is accused of helping with the trafficking.

Investigators say cocaine, heroin and marijuana were coming in from as far away as Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona.

Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer, Butler County Sheriff's Department: "We believe is a connection to illegal immigrants that were running dope and money from Mexico all the way to our area and they had teamed up with local, well known drug dealers and this operation severed that tie."

The investigation first began last year with the help of the DEA.

Friday, cars, guns, cocaine and money were seized. More arrests are possible.