Marsha Blackburn: Kamala Harris ‘Afraid to Go to the Border’

by JEFF POOR 12 Jun 2021

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has a theory as to why Vice President Kamala Harris has yet to go to the U.S.-Mexico border despite being tapped by President Joe Biden to spearhead the effort to deal with the influx of illegal migrants at the border.

According to the Tennessee Republican lawmaker, she is afraid.

“I think she is afraid to go to the border because what is she going to do?” she said. “Is she going to welcome those that are illegally coming, or is she going to say, this is our problem, we have made this mess. Our communities want their communities back. Our ranchers want their ranches back. People want to see this border secure.”

“And the thing is this, Judge, people on that border will tell you this: If you build a wall, they will not come because then you have a border that will protect our sovereignty,” Blackburn continued. “If you put President Trump’s migrant protection protocols back in place, which I have legislation to do that, that has that “remain in Mexico” policy, that safe third country, and that way the Border Patrol can tend to the border, rather than having to deal with apprehending 180,000 individuals in a month.”