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    Martin's border plan includes tent city jails for migrants

    Dean Martin's border plan includes statewide tent city for migrants

    by Ginger Rough -
    Jun. 8, 2010 02:11 PM
    The Arizona Republic

    State treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Dean Martin on Tuesday unveiled a multi-pronged border security plan that calls for the immediate deployment of 3,000 troops to the Arizona-Mexico border, and a new partnership with Sheriff Joe Arpaio to house illegal immigrants in "tent city" style jails.

    Martin, who is pitted in the Republican primary against a host of opponents, spent most of Tuesday focusing on incumbent Gov. Jan Brewer, who he considers his main competition in the race for the GOP nomination.

    During his remarks, he repeatedly criticized Brewer for not acting aggressively on immigration and border issues.

    "The governor has been in office for 18 months and only recently discovered we had an immigration problem when she started doing election year polling," Martin said.

    Martin said if elected, his first action as governor would be signing an executive order to deploy troops to the Arizona border at state expense — despite the state's ongoing budget woes. He proposes to pay for the $50 to $60 million per year cost by refinancing the state's debt and by utilizing existing prison space — rather than building new prisons.

    Part of that plan involves working with Arpaio to establish a "statewide" tent-city style jail system, specifically designed to house illegal immigrants who have been convicted of crimes at low cost. "There is no reason the state of Arizona should be building comfy new prisons for those who are violating our laws," Martin said.

    Other components of Martin's effort include the completion of a border fence, to be funded both through private citizen donations and state monies, and the creation of a rancher relief fund that would compensate Arizona ranchers and border property owners for damages they incur when "illegal aliens and smugglers cross their property."

    He said the funds for that would come from property seizures generated by Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) cases.

    Brewer's campaign and gubernatorial staff bristled Tuesday at the suggestion that the governor has not made illegal immigration and border security a priority since taking office.

    Spokesman Paul Senseman pointed to repeated correspondence that the governor has sent to the White House asking for additional troops and resources.

    He also said the governor has long supported staunch illegal immigration measures, including Proposition 200, which required proof of identification to vote and proof of citizenship to register to vote.In addition, her campaign manager, Doug Cole, said that Martin's plan to require Arizona citizens to foot the bill for troop deployment to the border is flawed, and that it is the governor's position that such costs should be born by the federal government.

    "Why should voters, who already pay federal taxes, pay again to pick up with is a federal responsibility?" Cole said.

    Martin and Brewer square off in their first televised gubernatorial debate on Tuesday, against other primary opponents, Paulden businessman Owen "Buz" Mills, Tom Gordon of Mesa and Matt Jette of Apache Junction.

    The Republican primary will be held Aug. 24; early voting begins July 29. ... -plan.html

    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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    "Why should voters, who already pay federal taxes, pay again to pick up with is a federal responsibility?" Cole said.
    Hey Doug Cole, don't pass the buck. Federal taxpayers don't want to pay to put federal troops on the border if the feds won't let them enforce US immigration law, which is exactly what Obama has said he's doing. He's putting troops in offices to do paper work, he's not putting them on the border to enforce US immigration law, he has specifically stated their mission is specifically NOT to enforce US immigration law.

    Arizona needs to put its own National Guard Troops on the border, pay for it, ask for donations from Americans to help fund it, and stop illegal immigration through the Arizona border where the majority of illegal aliens enter the United States.

    We can't trust the US government, with our money, our troops or our laws. That is self-evident. And check your Constitution. immigration is a state responsibility. The federal government only has the right to prohibit it. And even there, the US government has demonstrated for near 2 decades now that it has no intention of prohibiting it, despite our laws that require it to do just that.

    States must handle immigration until we change out this federal government and get people in there who when they take an oath of office, do the job they've sworn they would do.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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