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    Matt Gaetz: Marianne Williamson comparing ICE raids to 1930s Germany exposes problem

    Matt Gaetz: Marianne Williamson comparing ICE raids to 1930s Germany exposes problem in Democratic Party

    36 min ago
    By Charles Creitz | Fox News

    Marianne Williamson received the most notice her Democratic presidential bid will get when she compared ICE raids to conditions Jews faced in 1930s Germany, according to Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla.

    During a speech on Tuesday, Williamson, an inspirational author and self-help guru, told the audience she is Jewish and she was, "raised to say 'never again'."

    "It's happening," Williamson said. "There are some people who would say to me, ah, Miss Williamson, I think this Jewish analogy - you've really gone too far there. This is not the same type of situation at all. Some of those people will be deported to places so dangerous that there it actually is no different."

    During an appearance on "The Story" Thursday, Rep. Gaetz said the comments will not only get Williamson more attention than she has received so far in her campaign but that it is indicative of a problem within the Democratic Party.

    "This is probably the most attention that the Marianne Williamson presidential campaign will ever get," the lawmaker said.

    "It's indicative of what is going on the primary side of the Democratic Party. Each [candidate] is trying to be a little more outrageous to get attention."

    Gaetz then discussed comments from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., earlier this week, when she compared border detention facilities and concentration camps.

    Gaetz admitted conditions in the facilities are bleak, but said the Holocaust comparison was inappropriate.

    "We should never compare the challenges we face today to the extermination of six million Jews," he said. "When we do that, when we invoke the holocaust or concentration camps with great frequency, then it undermines and trivializes the true horror that existed at that time."
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    I'm personally SICK of hearing about the Holocaust. I've studied it and I don't agree with the official story. Everything these days is the the "Holocaust" and then you're just supposed to SHUT UP and stop arguing and resign/surrender yourself to whatever leftist nation wrecking policy is being debated. This women needs to go to Israel and tell them, "Never Again" and "Welcome the Stranger".

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    Acting ICE Director: AOC’s Concentration Camp Comments Demoralize Border Agents

    by Cassandra Fairbanks June 20, 2019 87 Comments

    Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Mark Morgan said that the concentration camp comments made by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is demoralizing border patrol agents.

    Appearing on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News, Morgan discussed the claims by Ocasio-Cortez that the US is “running concentration camps on our southern border” and called her remarks “irresponsible, reckless, and flat out wrong.”

    Morgan said that he “saw Border Patrol agents, they cared for these kids as if they were their own — bringing in soccer balls to play soccer with them.”
    Ingraham asked if AOC would prefer that the US release children to unvetted sponsors who may be involved in human trafficking — instead of temporarily housing them to make sure that they are safe.

    “We actually want to get the kids out of those facilities because they are overcrowded,” Morgan said — explaining that they have been asking the government for $4.5 billion in supplemental funding to be able to handle the influx of illegal immigrants.

    AOC has said that she will not apologize for her remarks and has repeatedly doubled down on using Holocaust terms to describe the detaining of illegal immigrants.

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