Mayor Adams’ Budget Pushes Permanent Taxpayer-Funded Spending for ‘Migrant Crisis’

By Sharika Soal
Jun. 23, 2024 4:20 pm

Mayor Eric Adams/ Credit Robert Miller

These people are bold.

In an underhanded tactic,
Mayor Eric Adams has introduced a never-ending funding strategy for the so-called ‘migrant crisis’ into his budget, ensuring that taxpayers will foot the bill indefinitely.

This under-the-radar move ensures a permanent financial drain on city resources, prioritizing endless spending on illegal migrants over the needs of hardworking citizens.
The New York Post reports,

Gotham’s budget might be late, with City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams warning last week that she and Mayor Adams (no relation) will miss this Sunday’s fiscal-year deadline.

But the timing of the budget is less important than the substance.

The council and the mayor are arguing over tidbits while missing the big chunk of spending obscuring New York’s future: How much can we realistically spend on migrants?

In his budget proposal, the mayor has finally admitted to reality — the migrant “crisis” is here to stay.

This is a reality that he helped create, by continuing to offer all migrants, including single young men with no credible claims to political asylum, at least 30 to 60 days of city-paid shelter.

And the city is now institutionalizing this “crisis” as a permanent part of city government.

In an announcement on Tuesday, the mayor revealed that the city would refrain from taking on so many no-bid contracts for “emergencies.” Instead, he would begin a competitive selection process for managing illegal immigrant hotels and shelters and providing migrant services.

The Gateway Pundit

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11:19 AM · Jun 23, 2024

As migrants continue to flock to New York, the city will keep opening shelters for them.

The city will sign contracts with various vendors for at least a year apiece, and “possibly additional sites” will be added to the city’s hundreds of migrant shelters.

And the services the city will ask these contractors to provide are comprehensive.

Under its official “right to shelter” pledge, the city has legally bound itself to handing out shelter and food.

This voluntary scheme has stuck them with court-mandated obligations that cater to those seeking a free ride.

And it doesn’t stop there. Over the past two years, NYC has steadily added more freebies, which are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Between project managers, case managers, security guards, food servers and laundry providers, New York City is building up a mini-economy of thousands of contract workers and hundreds of vendors, all of whom depend on this “crisis” persisting.

Not to mention all the owners of B- and C-grade hotels and vacant office space, happy to have a long-term customer.

And now, the city will ask vendors to provide 30% of their subcontracts to minority- and women-owned businesses, creating a broader constituency in favor of a permanent migrant “crisis.”

As we enter this “next phase,” as the city puts it, spending on migrants is already rising to $4.7 billion annually for the 2025 fiscal year that starts Monday, up $1 billion from the current year.

Expecting taxpayers to fork over 5 billion dollars a year for illegal immigrants wanting a free ride while Americans deal with crime and government corruption is wild.