A flyer produced by the City of Brunswick, Georgia states that the Mexican Consulate in Atlanta will be in the city from December 2-5 to issue ID cards and passports to Mexican nationals.

According to Pamela Shierling, editor of the Islander Newspaper, a local print publication, the Glynn County School system assisted in the distribution of the flyer. Breitbart News received Shierling’s reports and also interviewed her about the event.

Although originally the flyer indicated that the Mexican Consulate would be using the Roosevelt Lawrence Community Center for the event, Shierling reports that Brunswick City Manager Bill Weeks told her the city is no longer willing to permit the consulate to use the center.

Shierling writes that Pastor Wayne Rogers has indicated he would allow the Mexican Consulate to use the sanctuary ministries building in Brunswick.

Rogers reportedly worked with Monica Hardin, Neighborhood and Community Services Manager for the city, and Lisa Martinez, founder of Su Casa, a former local Hispanic outreach program, to find another location for the consulate. Hardin told the Islander she was contacted by the consulate in Atlanta about a month ago about the prospect of going to Brunswick to issue the IDs.

“The Mexican Consulate in Atlanta has a mobile consulate that travels throughout the state,” Hardin said. “They do this to save people time and trouble from traveling to Atlanta to get a passport.”

Both Weeks and Hardin referred to the event as an outreach to the Hispanic community.

According to Martinez, Mexican nationals have already made appointments with the consulate to obtain IDs and passports. The original flyer indicated that walk-ins would not be accepted and that applicants must bring a copy of a birth certificate and picture ID.

As Shierling reports, the city received permission from the Glynn County School System to distribute the flyer to teachers and interpreters of English as a second language.

In the summer of last year, local Atlanta WALB reported that officials from the Mexican Consulate went to the Goodwill Career Center in Valdosta to help Mexican nationals obtain paperwork they needed “to live legally in the United States.”

“Hundreds of Mexicans living here in south Georgia showed up at the Goodwill Career Center Tuesday to get the identification they need to live in the states,” said the WALB report. “They’re here to get everything from passports and identification to reports of birth. Identification needed to do everyday things.”

“With the overwhelming response from the Mexican community, Goodwill hopes to host the Mexican Consulate once every year,” the report stated.

Additionally, Bank of America was reportedly on hand to help Mexican nationals open bank accounts immediately after their IDs were issued.

Other WALB reports state that a business in Moultrie, Georgia invited the Mexican Consulate for the same purpose in June.

Similarly, a local WTVM report indicated that in September of last year the consulate went to a Goodwill Center in Columbus, Georgia where Hispanic people from various states visited to obtain IDs and passports.

Rep. Alex Atwood (R-GA) told the Islander, “I would appreciate it more if the Mexican Consulate would respect the sovereignty of the United States and spend a little more effort in securing their own borders than in assisting their citizens in violating United States sovereignty.”

Similarly, state Sen. Jeff Chapman (R-GA) told the Islander, “It only takes a little bit of research to see that a consular ID is trouble. Plus, the only people here [in the U.S.] who need a Mexican passport are here illegally.”

“If the city wants to reach out to Hispanics in our community, they should send Federal Law Enforcement Training Center trainees (FLETC) to the Roosevelt Lawrence Center to participate in the outreach program to make sure everyone who comes to the event is legal,” he added.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Chapman observed the participation of Bank of America in the Mexican Consulate’s event.

“Unfortunately, the banking industry – like Bank of America – is using this opportunity for themselves to make money, even though it’s not necessarily good for the country or for Americans; but it is being allowed to happen,” he said. “I’m not sure how desperate things have to be before we do something about it. Do we need more violent crimes by illegal aliens?”

“Just follow the money,” Chapman asserted. “If the banking industry wants it, it’s going to happen.”

In an editorial in the Islander, Shierling raised questions about the event.

“…I was told that this event was for people wanting to renew passports. Really?” she wrote. “We have that many people in Glynn County wanting to renew Mexican passports that the Consulate has to spend four days, eight hours a day doing it?”

“If you are here legally, why do you need an ID card or a passport? If you lost these documents, wouldn’t you apply for new ones?”

Shierling asked. “If you have an expired Mexican passport, aren’t you supposed to leave the United States or whatever country you are visiting?”