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Thread: Mexican FM: We Need Amnesty, Not 'Wall of Racism'

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    Mexican FM: We Need Amnesty, Not 'Wall of Racism'

    Mexican FM: We Need Amnesty, Not 'Wall of Racism'


    DECEMBER 15, 2015

    Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Claudia Ruiz-Massieu, said on Monday that Americans should accept amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens and reject national sovereignty and border security.

    Speaking at the left-wing Migration Policy Institute, Ruiz-Massieu told Americans to “embrace migration,” and that the Mexican government was “working closely to bring down, rather than to build, the wall of racism, and fear, exclusion, and extremism” that she asserted was becoming fashionable in the U.S.

    Pushing for an erasure of the American-Mexican border, Ruiz-Massieu stated that the blessings of illegal immigration were misunderstood and underappreciated. “These conditions have unfortunately been met in some places by an irresponsible and dangerous narrative of xenophobia and exclusion that wrongly portrays immigrants as security concerns,” she said, deriding Americans who want a secure southern border.

    Seemingly calling for the curbing of First Amendment protections to clamp down on speech and expressions contrary to her vision of America as a reservoir for Mexico’s impoverished, Ruiz-Massieu, “It is our obligation to stand up to this trend and think of proactive policy solutions, rather than instilling fear and hatred and resorting to vacuous statements. These narratives are simply unsustainable.” She also said governments should “invest” in programs to “change minds” and “change stereotypes.”

    Extolling what she described as the economic boon America enjoys as a result of tens of millions of illegal immigrants, Ruiz-Massieu cited statistics of tax contributions via the work and consumption of these aliens. “It is our responsibility to change the narrative of immigration by acknowledging immigrant contributions… by spreading a message of tolerance,” she said.

    When referring to violence along the American/Mexican border, Ruiz-Massieu made no mention of drug or human smugglers. Instead, she called for “transcultural awareness,” “smart borders,” “integration policies,” and a “safer travel culture” to reduce violence on and around the border.

    Calling for international redistribution of wealth, Ruiz-Massieu appealed for a multilateral “collective investment” in addressing what she described as the primary cause of illegal immigration: wealth inequality in the Western Hemisphere. “We cannot have a secure region if we do not have a prosperous region,” she warned, later adding, “Immigration is not going to stop.” No mention was made of free market avenues leading to greater prosperity.

    Brazenly praising the Mexican government’s role in facilitating the transfer of its indigent populace into America, Ruiz-Massieu invoked efforts of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs towards this end. She spoke of her “responsibility” as the ministry’s head in assisting illegal aliens from Mexico in procuring government services in America. Informal Mexican consular services stateside provide illegal immigrants with information and guidance towards exploitation of America: how to obtain medical services, education, and evade law enforcement. Mexican consular services in America also provide illegal aliens with birth certificates, to more quickly enable them to apply for protections against deportations.

    Ruiz-Massieu commended Mexico’s issuance of “consular IDs,” effectively identification documents for illegal aliens. She also cheered Mexico’s lawfar eagainst Texas regarding the state’s denial of birth certificates to babies born via birth tourism to illegal aliens.

    A member of Mexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, Ruiz-Massie is a socialist.

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    Yes, yes, we know Mexico doesn't want their people back. They want them to stay here running dope and shipping the dough back into Mexico.

    Disgusting. Shameful.

    And how is a wall keeping illegal caucasians out of our country, a "wall of racism"? Is Mexican now a "race"? The FM sure looks white to me. Oh wait is she talking about the Mestizos who have Indian blood? The ones Mexico wants "amnesty" for so they're never deported back to Mexico? Is this Mexico's racism against its own people?

    Well, nothing else would explain it.
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    Greedy Mexico is NOT our friend.
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    Claudia Ruiz-Massieu seems to be having trouble reading the script on the podium in front of her as that horse crap came out of her mouth.

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    Americans should accept amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens and reject national sovereignty and border security.
    DUH - yes they would love to TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY WE ESTABLISHED! Get out now! Pay to house your own criminals and your overpopulation problem.

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