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    Mexican Government Aids Illegal Emigrants ... _edt02.asp

    Mexican Government Aids Illegal Emigrants

    News-Register Editorial

    Mexican government officials have made it clear for many years that, far from attempting to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States, they encourage it actively. They do so for a very good reason - in their minds: Mexico's economy is a wreck, in comparison to that of the United States. The more Mexicans who come here illegally to make money and send it home, the less reaction Mexican officials have against bad government there.

    All the while, of course, Mexican officials have claimed to share our concern about illegal immigration. But revelations this week demonstrate that any such professions of sympathy are cynical lies.

    All along the border between our two countries, Mexico maintains a chain of hundreds of staging areas used by those attempting to sneak into the United States. Marked with blue flags, the areas range from stations where water is made available to more elaborate ones where buildings are used to stockpile supplies and water - and to rendezvous with those who smuggle Mexicans into this country for a price.
    Mexican officials claim the stations are there for humanitarian purposes. But they can make no such claim about other aids to illegal emigrants.

    The Mexican government has distributed more than a million copies of the 32-page "Guide for the Mexican Migrant," that includes tips on how to dodge U.S. border patrols. And, while the Minuteman project's volunteers were monitoring a section of the border from the United States, the Mexican government was shuttling would-be emigrants to other, less guarded areas. Clearly, the job of curbing illegal immigration is up to Americans - and us alone. Our efforts, then, must be redoubled if there is to be any chance of succcess.

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    Oh yeah, WE THE PEOPLE are trying to tell them (President & Congress) --over and over.


    This is an invasion --- NOT nice reasonable immigration --- it's not about the jobs/money game.

    The action by the Mexican Government of issuing the Mexican ID Card (matricula consular) to illegal Aliens thru its Mexican Consulates in the U.S. WITHOUT notice or consent by the U.S. Government until A YEAR LATER was the initial attack in 2002.

    The Mexican Gov't not only issued these sham FOREIGN ID cards but then lobbied local police, municipalities, colleges, banks, real estate, etc. acroos the U.S. to accept the bogus unsecure ID cards as valid ID.

    This was Mexico's response for not getting their amnesty just before 9/11.
    Mexico can sit and wallow in its mess as it still has gotten NO amnesty.
    Mexico is to be forced to deal with its corruption by having it thrown back on them.

    Let's not forget that are good friend and neighbor - mexico - chanted Osama Bin Laden during the U.S. National Anthem for the U.S. soccer team!!

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