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    Mexican National goalkeeper arrested after party in hotel

    Soccer-Mexico keeper arrested after party in hotel room
    Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:02am BST ... 0120080610

    MEXICO CITY, June 9 (Reuters) - Mexico goalkeeper and captain Oswaldo Sanchez was
    arrested in a Chicago hotel when celebrations got out of hand following a 4-0 friendly win over Peru, a Mexican newspaper reported on Monday.

    El Universal said on its Web site ( that Sanchez, who has won 89 caps, was held for two hours after a group of players partied in a room and the noise disturbed other guests.
    "The police turned up to stop the trouble-makers and Sanchez resisted, for which he was held for two hours and had to pay bail of $1,000," said the report, adding that Sanchez would have to appear in court on July 11.

    Mexico, who recently named former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson as their new coach, had gone into Sunday's match under pressure following a 4-1 defeat by Argentina.

    Eriksson will take over from caretaker Jesus Ramirez at the end of the month.

    Mexico kick off their qualifying campaign for the 2010 World Cup against Belize in Houston on Sunday. The second leg of the second preliminary round tie is in Monterrey on June 21.

    In Conclusion: Oswaldo learned a valuable lesson. In the U.S., our law enforcement officers are not bought and our laws are enforced to the fullest extent.

    More information about Sanchez:

    How do you say jerk in Spanish?
    I'm pretty self-conscious about my Spanish.

    I understand absolutely all of it without a problem and everyone understands me just fine, but I have an American accent when I speak it. I'm really embarrassed about it, which is one of the reasons I don't do ESPN Deportes more often (the other reason is that I just don't like doing TV or radio).

    Still, I don't let my American accent keep me from speaking to players in Spanish. You can't get shy when you have a job to do.

    On Sunday, for the first time ever, a player pointed out my accent. Not only that -- he made fun of me for it.

    When I asked Mexican goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez a question after the game, he mocked me by responding with an exaggerated American accent. The Hispanic reporters surrounding us laughed because, you know, their English is so great ...

    I didn't laugh. I asked him why he felt the need to rip on me. He saw that I was annoyed and answered my question before I walked off to interview another player.

    Sanchez saw me a few minutes later and said, "Don't be mad," which was decent of him. To which I responded, "Next time I'll interview you in English and we'll see how you do."

    Right after I said that, he was interviewed by an English-speaking reporter. And by the way, Sanchez had to have a translator right next to him.

    http://blogs.chicagosports.chicagotribu ... u-say.html

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    http://blogs.chicagosports.chicagotribu ... reste.html

    Mexican national team goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez was arrested in Chicago on Monday shortly after helping Mexico defeat Peru in an exhibition at Soldier Field on Sunday.

    According to Telemundo Chicago, Sanchez and some of his teammates were kicked out of the Westin Hotel on 909 N. Michigan Ave. when guests complained about the noise the players were making in a hotel room. Hotel security later called the police when the players returned and Sanchez was arrested between five and six in the morning.

    Chicago spokesman John Mirabelli told Hoy that Sanchez faces two misdemeanor charges, including trespassing on private property and obstruction and resisting arrest. Mirabelli said Sanchez was fined $1,000 and released Monday afternoon on the condition that he return for a court date on July 11.

    "After games, we have a hard time sleeping," Sanchez told reporters on Monday. "Sometimes we'll listen to music in one guy's room or another guy's room -- and that's what happened. We turned up the music a little and the people at the hotel called the police.

    "[The hotel staff] came twice saying to turn down the music. I wasn't there those times. I was there the third time -- that's what the police got there. I got scared because I saw the police. I tried telling my teammates that we shouldn't get in trouble, and unfortunately they grabbed me. Maybe for being the captain...of the situation."

    This might be a good time to mention that I wasn't one of the people that called the cops. And no, Ives, my Dad isn't a police officer. I had nothing to do with what happened to Sanchez. Sure, I'm not thrilled with the guy, but it doesn't give me any pleasure to see him arrested.

    He did feel bad for making fun of me -- which is why I didn't trash the guy as bad as I initially was going to. Plus I've heard a few stories today from people who have had pretty good encounters with Sanchez, including this one:

    "A couple years back, I saw Sanchez on the street when they were in town. I was with my son and I asked Oswaldo in my best Spanglish if he would sign an autograph for my son. Sanchez complied and asked my son some questions about soccer -- in English. He was wonderful to him, certainly better than most athletes my son has encountered.

    So while I'm sure you'll get plenty of support for Sanchez being a, come se dice 'jerk', we did catch him in a great mood once."

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