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    Mexico says Texas Governor Perry's border deployment politically motivated

    September 11, 2014
    By Jon Herskovitz

    AUSTIN Texas (Reuters) - The Mexican government has condemned the deployment of Texas National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexican border, saying Governor Rick Perry authorized the move for political purposes.

    "Mexico underscores that it is irresponsible to manipulate border security for political reasons," said the statement from the Mexican government and sent by its embassy in Washington on Thursday.

    Perry, seen as a possible contender for the 2016 U.S. Republican presidential nomination, said he was sending up to 1,000 troops to the Mexican border to deter criminal activity caused by drug cartels, and accused President Barack Obama of not doing enough to secure the border.

    "The unilateral measure taken by the government of Texas is undoubtedly mistaken and does not contribute to the efforts in which our two countries are engaged to build a safe border and create a solution to the phenomenon of migration," the Mexican statement said.

    Perry said the deployment, which started in mid-August and is expected to cost at least $12 million a month, was needed because U.S. Border Patrol resources were being strained in managing a surge of children from Central America illegally crossing into the United States.

    The Texas National Guard troops are working with the state's law enforcement in support roles, he said.

    Critics have questioned the spending, saying data shows the flow of children has slowed, more U.S. Border Patrol agents have been assigned to the border region and the National Guard will not have the power to arrest, which raises questions about what the troops will do.

    The number of children crossing illegally on their own into the United States dropped 70 percent from June to August, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Monday.
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    Tell Mexico where to go! I do not believe that Perry can garner enough support to be President. As Governor of a border state he has a right to secure Texas border better than the federal government. Funny though, he did not do it under the Bush Administration. Now that is probably politically motivated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinssdad View Post
    Funny though, he did not do it under the Bush Administration. Now that is probably politically motivated!
    On the other hand, publicity re protecting American interests in probably a good thing. Let's give him a pass on this one
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    September 11, 2014

    Lt. Governor Dewhurst Statement in Response to Mexican Government's Position on the Border Crisis

    AUSTIN — In response to a statement from the Mexican Ambassador, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst issued the following statement:
    "I find it puzzling and frankly offensive that the government of Mexico chose the 13th anniversary of the most tragic attack on our homeland to call on Texas to throw open our international border to illegal immigration, trafficking in drugs and human lives, and potentially even terrorists who wish to harm America.

    It is also insulting to imply that protecting Texans is suddenly political when my fellow leaders and I have appropriated over $800 million in Texas tax revenue over the past seven years to purchase planes, helicopters, and gunboats to secure the border because the responsible government entities simply refuse to meet their obligation. I am proud of the deterrent effect we've achieved by surging law enforcement and the Texas National Guard to the region that is reflected in the falling number of apprehensions.

    On this day of all days, we are reminded of the threats, both foreign and domestic, that face our nation. Regardless of the source of such misguided criticism, I will always make my top priority each day to protect the safety of all Texas citizens."

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