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    MI: Illegal Immigrant Charged With Raping Elderly Woman

    An illegal Albanian immigrant was arraigned at the 42-2 District Court in Macomb County on criminal sexual conduct and home invasion charges Monday.

    Police said 28-year-old Altin Shabi sexually assaulted an 83-year-old woman inside of her Willows Apartment Complex On Carlos Road, between Gratiot Avenue and Interstate 94, in Chesterfield on Aug. 26.

    The victim was inside her apartment when Shabi allegedly entered by removing the window screen and opening the bedroom window, according to police.

    When the victim declined Shabi’s demand to have sex with him, police said he sexually assaulted her.

    Police said they believe Shabi, also a Willows Apartment resident, was responsible for a string of peeping Tom incidents in the complex.

    Another resident in the apartment told police someone tried to enter her apartment last November, and offered them the same description as the elderly victim.

    “Based on the description of the complainant in this case and other similar complainants, we identified a drawing. It was then circulated, and numerous tips came in, the tips specifically lead to this arrest,
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    Why is he being offered bail, at any amount?
    Free Ramos and Compean NOW!

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