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Thread: Mitt's Son Says He Never Wanted to be President Anyway

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    Mitt's Son Says He Never Wanted to be President Anyway

    Mitt's Son Says He Never Wanted to be President Anyway

    By Connor Simpson | The Atlantic Wire 2 hrs 26 mins ago

    If you thought the tale of how Mitt Romney lost the general election was already told, you would be wrong. Because there is so much left to tell, like how Mitt never wanted to be President anyway.

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    At least, that's what Tagg Romney says in this new Boston Globe report on what went wrong with Romney's campaign. While the rest of the piece seems to say the problems lay in the Romney campaign's lack of technical advantage, and refusal to introduce the world to Mitt Romney, the human being, this little morsel from the Republican's son points to a larger problem:
    He wanted to be president less than anyone Ive met in my life. He had no desire to . . . run, said Tagg, who worked with his mother, Ann, to persuade his father to seek the presidency. If he could have found someone else to take his place . . . he would have been ecstatic to step aside.
    So, yeah, that might explain why Mitt lost. Not wanting the job you need to publicly campaign for more than a year to get is step one in the "Not Getting Elected Guide for Dummies" book. Again, the rest of the mammoth piece, which you really should read, paints a larger picture of the struggle between Mitt's inner circle and his campaign advisors over whether they should humanize Mitt, which was ultimately their downfall. And, also, the Obama campaign had more staff and cooler tech stuff, like an app named Gordon, "after the person who punched Houdini in the stomach shortly before the magician died," and Narwhal, named after the Internet's favorite arctic whale.

    RELATED: Tagg Gets Credit for Revealing the 'Real' Romney

    Mitt never stood a chance against Narwhal.

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    Not sure what we gain from this information,but things I do know are that the country has changed,nearly 40 years of liberal public schools and a left media with a 24 hour news cycle has dumbed down our citizens even if a true leader came forward he/she would be marginalized especially if a conservative.

    The fact millions of people don't vote should be a clear signal we're in trouble as a nation yet very little is said about it rather the media and GOP talks about bringing more Hispanics into the fold, wow, seems we need to bring in people overall rather then one group.

    Let's face it the average public school is not telling any kid the true facts of our country he/she graduates with little ability to function,then they watch TV usually reality shows, use face book and twitter, talk about the perfect propaganda tools,Hitler, Stalin, Castro none could have came up with better tools to change America from capitalism to socialism/communism, they would be proud.
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    I believe Mitt's son. Furthermore, neither did the GOP want to win, since they didn't give us a candidate that represents the majority of conservatives ..
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