The moment 50 illegal immigrants pour out of box truck after it is pulled over by police

PUBLISHED: 08:41 EST, 15 July 2013

The dashcam on a Texas police cruiser has captured the moment 50 illegal immigrants poured out of a box truck after they were smuggled across the border.

A sheriff's deputy in Jim Wells County, outside Corpus Christi, spotted the truck and pursued it in a brief chase on July 9.

When the truck stopped on a rural highway, the back door opened and dozens of people flooded out.

Run for it: Dozens of people were filmed fleeing a box truck after a sheriff's deputy in Jim Wells County, Texas, pulled it over on a rural highway

The immigrants, from several Latin American countries, were crammed together in this sweltering, windowless truck

'I guess they're having a run for it and there are too many for me to count,' the deputy radioed to his police dispatchers.

Police estimate that at least 45 - and up to 50 - people were crammed into the sweltering, windowless box truck, according to KIII-TV.

'That's a lot of people. And if you put the math to it, at $4,500 a person - which is the average going rate - multiply it times just 45 that's a lot of money,' Rodrigo Ramon, Jim Wells County sheriff's deputy told the news station.

Added together, the total revenue on that smuggling operation alone totals more than $200,000.

All of the smuggled people ran to the right when the deputy pulled over the truck.

The Coyote, the people smuggler paid to bring the immigrants to the United States, ran to the left - attempting to disassociate himself from the people he was smuggling.

Police later caught 31 of the smuggled immigrants and brought them to the nearest Border Patrol station, where they will likely be deported

The Coyote who smuggled the people can be seen here running to the left as all of the immigrants flee to the right

Deputies caught 31 of the immigrants. Another 15 to 20 escaped.

The detailed immigrants were taken to the nearest border patrol station, where they will be processed and likely deported.

The immigrants came from several Latin American countries, including El Salvador and Guatemala.