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    More from Joe Biden's open borders: Mexican cartels reportedly behind organized retai

    August 30, 2023

    More from Joe Biden's open borders: Mexican cartels reportedly behind organized retail thefts

    By Monica Showalter

    Is there anything on the mayhem front an open border can't do?

    The latest news is that Mexico's cartels are behind the organized retail thefts that are shutting down the shopping centers of America.

    According to the Washington Examiner:
    Mexican cartels are behind the spike in organized retail crime and are deeply entrenched in every level of the process, according to the federal government's chief investigative agency.

    Retailers nationwide sustained nearly $100 billion worth of losses in 2021, the highest year on record, according to the National Retail Federation report published in September 2022. The growing number of cartel-run theft rings around the country drove that figure up from $70 billion in 2019.

    "Organized retail crime is leading to more brazen and more violent attacks in retail stores throughout the country. Many of the criminal rings orchestrating these thefts are also involved in other serious criminal activity such as human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, weapon trafficking, and more," said Steve Francis, acting executive associate director for Homeland Security Investigations, in a statement. HSI is part of the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Just a few days ago in San Francisco, Nordstrom's shut its doors in the heart of the city's downtown after 35 years, citing massive organized theft attacks which have destroyed that establishment as a business.

    And just yesterday in that same city, a beloved clerk at a small liquor store in San Francisco's Outer Richmond district died of his injuries in hospital after confronting a dirtbag participating in one of these massive retail theft attacks on even that small establishment, beating him to death with a baseball bat.

    Your Mexican cartels at work.

    There's no doubt that these parasites will consume every establishment whose goods they can get their hands on. Already, San Francisco is a wasteland of "for lease" signs as shop and restaurant pull out.

    And let's not forget that homes and cars are also being raided.

    The glittering malls of yesteryear are all long gone. It won't stop until they've got them all, and then San Franciscans can learn to live without retail shops and cafes and public spaces. Once they are gone, the insatiable monster will target its industrial-scale organized criminal muscle against homes.

    This is why we can't have nice things.

    Yes, the fact that California's voters have voted themselves in a law decriminalizing thefts under $1,000 is a major reason for this problem. And yes, dropping bail and defunding the police have added to it mightily.

    But the Mexican cartels have been fattened considerably by Joe Biden's open borders.

    They've collected millions in "crossing fees" from illegal border crossers who somehow have that kind of money and gladly pay it, all because they know that if they can get across, they will be permitted to stay.

    Biden not only enables cartels by doing that, but by paying NGOs to carry on the rest of the work once done, paying cartel crossing fees, paying for migrants' room, board, transport, medical, educational and legal fees and anything else they might think they need for a worry-free entry into the U.S. illegally. All of that significantly benefits Mexico's cartels, where this activity profits them.

    Since then, they have branched out. They aren't just importing foreign nationals from Mexico into the U.S. but from Central America, South America, the Caribbean and now Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    They've spread population-killing quantities of fentanyl all through the U.S. where the death toll already is above 100,000. They've gone into human smuggling, slave labor, and child-sex slave smuggling rings depicted by the movie "Sound of Freedom."

    They've challenged Mexico's government, shutting down border cities with gunfire and taking over ports, prompting Mexico's government to militarize its society.

    They have also spread mayhem all the way down through the hemisphere, where in Ecuador, for instance, a major presidential candidate was assassinated for vowing to take on these very same cartels.

    Now we learn that we are behind the organized retail thefts that are changing the face of America's cities -- leaving junkie-strewn hellholes and boarded up storefronts.

    Very little of this, it must be noted, was going on before Joe Biden opened the border and allowed some two million foreign nationals in. It started happening afterward -- when the cartels started getting paid -- and started looking for new opportunities. California has certainly given them, but so has Joe Biden. Cartels are evil, but they are also smart, or they wouldn't be around.

    There seem to be no limits for them in terms of opportunities brought on by Joe Biden's utter failure to enforce U.S. immigration law, leaving the border wide open.



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    Biden, Harris, and Mayorkas need to be hauled off in handcuffs and sent directly to Gitmo for this.

    They are destroying our entire country.

    This will cost us billions upon billions of dollars to clean up!


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