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    Dominguez Rivera's father, Renato Dominguez, said he doubted the Border Patrol's version of events.

    Oh yeah, it couldn't possibly be that the wonderful, honest, hard working, rapist, pedofile, murderers did anything wrong.
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    The only compassion I have is for the BP agent. I sincerely hopes this goes well for him!

    If Rivera didn't try to break into this country illegally he would still be alive, it's nobody's fault but HIS OWN!

    They're coming over in such hordes that they are dehumanizing themselves. The first thing I thought when I read this was that 7,999 other invaders made it into the U.S. that day. What the hell is one little death out of 8,000 or 30,000,000 for that matter.

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    I do not want to trivialize this kids death, or the fact that the potential God had him created for was wasted by his countries corruption, and the personal corruption of his own dysfunctional family and culture's.

    It is sad that his mother now want to use this as a means to still financially benefit, as Dixie so eloquently pointed out, that really appears this is what she is doing.

    This mother and father wanted their son to go to America illegally, take a job that he should not have had, and then when he had an inevitable confrontation with the law (as could be expected since he was attempting to perform an illegal act), they want to still financially benefit, from his death no less, how morbid and greedy are these people?
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