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    NC-Illegal alien policy draws criticism

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    Illegal alien policy draws criticism


    Published: Friday, September 25, 2009 3:06 PM EDT

    BEAUFORT — The State Board of Community Colleges voted last week to allow illegal immigrants to attend the state’s 58 campuses under certain conditions, but at least one Carteret County commissioner takes issue with the decision and says government should be doing more to keep immigrants from wanting to be here illegally.

    Commissioner Holt Faircloth voiced during the county board’s regular meeting Monday his opposition to the community college enrollment change and criticized officials on the local and state levels for not doing more to keep it at bay.

    “I guess what frustrates me the most is we give so many incentives for people to come here illegally,
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    He went on to say that he felt education is something that is good for everyone, and “if we have residents who can benefit from bettering their life, make their own wages, pay taxes and be a productive member of our society, that’s a good thing.

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    There is such a disconnect between what parents think their kids are learning in schools and colleges versus what they really are learning. I don't think most parent have a clue how liberal and left-wing most college educations are. They barely learn anything about the history of this country anymore. And, now, we have kids that graduate from high school and can't read and some idiot wants to teach elementary school children about gay and bisexual relationships. As far as I remember there was barely enough time to teach me English, History, Science and Math. Now it's all about sex and singing songs to our beloved president. This idiot Youngblood can't think beyond his liberal thoughts long enough to see how this will effect our own kids in ten or twenty years.

    What is going wrong with our schools is that parents have been too trusting. Time to throw a fit. We already have two generations of these idiots running around and they can barely stop texting long enough to drive their cars. We need to get a basic curriculum back into our schools. IN ENGLISH. And vote out the idiots that are letting the educational unions get away with this garbage. They just become more for the welfare rolls in the end.

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    [quote]Commissioner Faircloth said Thursday he thought the comments were out of step based on surveys of North Carolina residents that show “an overwhelming majority believes that our immigration laws should be enforced.
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