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    NE Left Wing Libs attempt to STOP Voter I.D. bill by maligning ALEC


    This hyped up "scandal" story is the equivalent of Big Foot sightings report. Most bills at the states level and Congress are modeled after legislation created by conservative and liberal think tanks who are funded by like-minded supporters. Why didn't Liz investigate rumors of the left wing funded lobbying our senators? Why didn't she mention the Democrat senators who are also members of ALEC?

    Why wasn't it a "scandal" with Sen. Council's LR39 Nebraska Compact modeled, word for word, from the Utah Compact written and promoted in UT, NE and other states by pro-illegal alien organization SOMOS REPUBLICANS causing NE to be a DeFacto Sanctuary State? (Sen. Ashford stated that NO illegal immigration enforcement bills would be advanced out of committee because HE deemed it to be a federal issue - which is exactly what LR39 states).

    ALEC Investigation Story Talk of Legislature -

    ITEM #1) Call or email your Senator to SUPPORT LB239 Voter ID bill by Sen. Charlie Janssen. This bill is on the floor and the Socialist/pro-illegal alien senators plan to filibuster/kill it on Thursday. You have only Tuesday and Wednesday to make your voice heard. I suggest you copy on your emails. Find your senator and contact information here ASK THEM TO:
    vote FOR LB 239
    vote FOR AM 727
    vote FOR cloture to end debate
    vote AGAINST the thirteen amendments designed to filibuster the bill

    ITEM #2) Post your comment to the KMTV3 article link that creates a myth of scandal about ALEC American Legislative Exchange Council. Liz Dorland is hyping about ALEC and LB239Voter I.D. bill.

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    Ever so typical

    Ive been contacting these state and federal congress people tirelessly..Im only waiting to see if we all can get through their thick skulls and start seeing some Positive action FOR Americans

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    We appreciate all of your efforts. It's a struggle and very frustrating.

    GOOD NEWS TO REPORT - LB239 won't be debated on the floor until Mon or Tues of next week - it's on the agenda but has been moved. I will keep you updated. THAT MEANS there is more time for people to send in their letters to Nebraska legislators and post your comments to the KMTV3 article/video link. Please do whatever you can to help us. Thanks.

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