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    Nebraska Senate candidates talk immigration policy

    Nebraska Senate candidates talk immigration policy

    Published Friday, October 17, 2008 at 05:46 AM GRAND ISLAND, Neb.

    (AP) _ Immigration issues were a hot topic at the final U.S. Senate debate in Grand Island, a city that has been scarred by massive raids in recent years. Green Party candidate Steve Larrick was most specific; he said families shouldn't be broken up, and there should be a path to citizenship. But Republican Mike Johanns, a former Nebraska governor, said immigration raids will continue because people have violated the law. He said he has an immigration plan that's tough and fair, and requires illegal residents to go home and apply for citizenship. But Democrat Scott Kleeb said Johanns, as agriculture secretary, supported President Bush's amnesty plan.

    ___ On the Net: Mike Johanns for Senate: Scott Kleeb: Steve Larrick:

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    a city that has been scarred by massive raids in recent years

    Massive raids? You could have fooled me. They didn't even scratch the surface! You can't go anywhere w/o running into an illegal alien here in G.I. They need to do more. Deport the poor me baby me babies back where they came from. Deport, deport, deport. Did I mention deport? As Archie Bunker says, "Case Closed"

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