Ned Ryun: Migrant caravans and the American taxpayer

By Ned Ryun | Fox News

Jeff Paul reports.

We keep hearing that for humanity’s sake we need to be accepting the Central American caravans coming to our southern border despite the fact that it appears many are not truly coming for asylum. And while it cannot be ignored that there are many heart-rending cases and situations in these caravans and in Central America, we also need to be asking our elected officials and leaders why they are insisting it is the moral responsibility of already-overburdened American taxpayers to prioritize these issues over the many others we already face here at home?

To me it is very clear: It is the moral responsibility and obligation of every elected official, funded by the American taxpayer and entrusted with the taxpayers’ monies, to prioritize the interests of the American people first and last. To prioritize anyone else above them is deeply immoral.

Why, exactly, is it humane to demand that American taxpayers pay for the costs of those coming in illegally? Why is it humane to demand that our children bear the cost of the impending economic disaster that our current quasi-open borders and essentially open social welfare systems will bring about? What about the humanity of our American veterans who sacrificed in defense of our country? Why should we be spending tax dollars on illegal immigrants for “humanity’s sake” when many of our veterans are not given the care, and even respect, they are due?

Do our elected officials comprehend what will happen when mass automation hits and throws many low- and unskilled workers out of work? This isn’t a hypothetical – it’s happening right now. McDonald’s kiosks are replacing thousands of workers, for one example. Or consider the automation in the agricultural industry where many of these illegal and legal immigrants are working. The wine industry, for example, where many wineries have insisted on hand-picking for their finer wines. Now advances in technology are removing some of their fears regarding the quality of machine-picked grapes. There will then be no need for low- or unskilled laborers.

So what happens in the very near future when this low and unskilled labor force, many who have come and continue to come via our broken immigration system and porous border, have no work? Violent protests in the streets? Those thrown out of work being thrown instead into our already failing social welfare systems? Guess who funds the results of all that? The American taxpayer, us, our children, paying life-crushing, draconian taxes.

If we allow such immoral political leadership to continue, in both Republican and Democratic circles, then all of us will be working for the government. Every last one of us. And that will be the end of our free society.