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    New Cassel [NY] Man Ran Fake Dental Practice Out Of His Home

    NEW CASSEL, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A Long Island man with a sixth-grade education has been accused of practicing dentistry from his home without having any formal medical or dental training, police said Thursday.
    Detectives went to Manuel Carranza’s New Cassel home on Wednesday afternoon after receiving a call that the 46-year-old was allegedly operating an unlicensed dental practice out of his residence.

    full story at Police: New Cassel Man, Manuel Carranza, Ran Fake Dental Practice Out Of His Home « CBS New York .

    Although this story doesn't mention it the WPIX April 26th 10pm news stated that Mr. Carranza was in the country illegally. This story does not appear on the WPIX web site as of the time of this post.

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    Gotta protect the people from bad dentistry but poorly educated construction workers are allowed to build unsafely all over the nation.
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    New Cassel Fake Dentist’s Office Filthy, Cops Say

    By Timothy Bolger on April 26th, 2012

    Nassau County police said a New Cassel man used these second-hand dentistry tools to perform work on more than 100 people in his home.

    A New Cassel man with no formal training allegedly performed dentistry for more than 100 people in an “extremely unsanitary” office inside his home for more than a year, according to investigators.
    Manuel Carranza pleaded not guilty Thursday at Nassau County court to charges of unauthorized practice of a crime, possession of a forged instrument, possession of a dangerous weapon and criminal diversion of a prescription. A judge set his bail at $2,500.

    “I can’t stress enough how dirty and unclean” the office inside the suspect’s home was, said Det. Lt. Raymond Cote, noting the lack of an autoclave—a sterilizing machine that heats up dental tools to kill bacteria.

    Police arrested the 46-year-old man Wednesday after a tipster reported an alleged illegal dental operation at the house on Grand Boulevard.

    When detectives raided the home they found a blue chair and dentists tools that Carranza told police he bought second-hand at dental expos, Cote said. They also found an anesthetic, lidocaine, allegedly purchased over the Internet, police said.

    Manuel Carranza

    Carranza, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras with a sixth-grade education, used the equipment to perform root canals and fillings, charging “patients” up to $50, Cote said.

    Police also found two stun guns, which the suspect used to protest his cash-only business, Cote added. Carranza even had business cards made up.

    “It’s obvious what he was doing,” Cote said. “Based on our interview with him, he is not at all ashamed to talk about what he’s been doing and the service he’s providing.”

    Investigators don’t believe he operated on children. He is due back in court Monday.

    New Cassel Fake Dentist’s Office Filthy, Cops Say | Long Island Press
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