New Polling Shows Even Democrats Now Believe the Border Crisis is an ‘Invasion’

By Mike LaChance
Apr. 11, 2024 9:20 pm

For almost three years now, people on the right have been calling the crisis on the southern border an invasion. It’s difficult to see it as anything else.

When thousands of people, mostly military aged men, are crossing your border on a daily basis, what else could you call it?

Liberals have resisted the use of the term ‘invasion’ for the most part, until now.
The Washington Examiner reports:

Warning signs: Democrats call border a ‘crisis’ and ‘invasion’

A majority of Democrats have joined with Republicans and independents in decrying the Biden border crisis, adding to the building pressure on the White House to fix its three years of immigration blundering.

Just one day after revealing data showing that people believe the immigration disaster is President Joe Biden’s way of building a “permanent majority” of liberal voters for the Democratic Party, Rasmussen Reports said most voting groups agree the situation is at a crisis stage.

By a margin of 69%-22%, likely voters believe the open borders that have allowed in record numbers of illegal immigrants are a crisis. That includes 51% of Democrats, 63% of black people, 65% of women, and 64% of younger voters.

Nearly as many see it as an “invasion,” by a 64%-33% margin. That includes 46% of Democrats, 66% of black people, 60% of women, and 62% of younger voters.

Of course, Republicans have had no problem calling this what it is.

Trump War Room

Unlike the Democrats, who are KILLING SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE by allowing the INVASION OF THE MIGRANTS, I will NOT…

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3:30 PM · Apr 11, 2024

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Schumer wants to table Alejandro Mayorkas’s impeachment trial for 3 reasons: 1. He does not want the House to present evidence of the Biden administration’s willful decision to aid and abet the criminal invasion of America.2. He doesn’t want a trial — and for the…

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5:03 PM · Apr 9, 2024

It is an invasion. It’s nice to see Democrats joining reality.