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Thread: Non-citizens voting in our elections is a huge problem

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    Non-citizens voting in our elections is a huge problem

    Non-citizens voting in our elections is a huge problem

    January 29, 2019

    Daniel Horowitz


    Let’s just imagine for a moment that there weren’t millions of criminalsamong the illegal aliens invading our country. Let’s assume that we are not dying from drugs, gangs, and diseases brought in and that there are no violent cartels bringing them in. By itself, the fact that illegal immigrants are likely voting in our elections is a national emergency in its own right that should demand immediate attention from our political leadership. The latest news from Texas’ election officials should raise the prominence of this most odious manifestation of stolen sovereignty, but thus far, aside from a Trump tweet, it has not blown up into a national issue.

    Over the weekend, the Texas Department of Public Safety released the details of a voter registration analysis showing that 95,000 registered voters are suspected of having registered to vote as non-citizens. They further found that 58,000 of those registered voters cast ballots at least once since 1996.

    Attorney General Ken Paxton and Gov. Greg Abbott immediately highlighted the importance of this finding and how urgent it is that the state act upon it:

    The state government is calling on all the counties to send out letters to those people on this list and ask them to respond to an inquiry whether they have indeed become naturalized citizens. The 11-month investigation ordered by Paxton showed that these 95,000 individuals who applied for driver’s licenses as aliens registered to vote at some later date. According to the Longview News-Journal, the Texas Tribune contacted 13 of 15 counties with the highest numbers of these registered voters. Only one county, Galveston, said it is sending letters immediately.

    Amazingly, within hours of the release, the Texas Tribune sought to “fact-check” this assertion and suggested that this is not really as much of a problem as the headline number indicates:

    The Tribune is claiming that these numbers don’t prove much because they are a count of those who provided immigrant identification documents, such as green cards and work permits, as documentation for driver’s licenses. Therefore, the Tribune reporters are suggesting that some of them may have become naturalized but offered immigrant documents to verify their identity at the department of motor vehicles.

    It’s amazing the lengths to which the liberal media will go in order to deny the problem of non-citizens voting, just like they deny the illegal alien crime wave. Aside from the absurdity of suggesting that a significant number of naturalized citizens would offer such documentation, they are missing the more important point. The fact that someone who is applying for the ultimate right of a citizen can merely rely on his driver’s license, which was issued upon a showing of immigrant documentation, is in itself a threat to our franchise. How have we come so far that not only is proof of citizenship not required for voter registration, but individuals can offer documents that prima facie indicate they are not citizens, yet still successfully register to vote without showing that they became naturalized citizens? Sure, a minority of them might have later become naturalized, but the fact that we have an “honor system” for voting is insane.

    Moreover, the bigger problem is that the same liberals who deny the extent of the problem of non-citizens voting also oppose any effort not just to combat it but to even uncover data exposing it. Harris County, by far the biggest county in Texas, which contains a large foreign-born population, has refused to publicize the data that would allow outside groups to compare driver’s licenses against voter registration records to identify potential non-citizens. “This shows why Harris county must release the alien voting records we have sought for a year,” Public Interest Legal Foundation general counsel and President J. Christian Adams said in a statement. “We all know they exist. We all know aliens are voting in our elections. It’s time Harris and other [counties] stop hiding the documents.”

    Adams’ group has filed a lawsuit against Harris and other major trouble spots in the country that refuse to comply with the National Voter Registration Act’s (NVRA) mandate to cleanse voter rolls of fraudulent voters and to allow public access to maintained records.

    Here’s the problem that nobody is effectively combatting on the national level. Despite liberal grousing to the contrast, it is now easier to vote than ever. Between technology and a number of social services practically begging you to sign up to vote, it’s almost impossible not to register. Some states are now automatically registering anyone with a driver’s license. At the same time, there is no effective front-end or back-end check against non-citizens voting, and the courts have outright blocked states from requiring proof of citizenship, even though the federal registration form established by motor voter laws has a box asking if the applicant is a citizen!

    With a record number of foreign nationals in this country – both legal and illegal – it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a number of non-citizens will be seamlessly shunted into the voter registration system, often even without intent to violate the law. Worst of all, photo ID laws (the ones still standing after judicial nullification) don’t help for this form of voter fraud because these individuals have driver’s licenses with legitimate names and addresses.

    Consider the fact that Texas doesn’t even automatically register voters, and you see how bad the problem is. Can you imagine what California looks like? A dozen states hand out driver’s licenses to illegal aliens – more than a million in California alone – and other states are being forced to do so by the courts.

    Republicans had two years to fix this travesty, whether it’s requiring proof of citizenship, blocking the courts from interfering with photo ID laws, or discounting illegals in the Census. Now Democrats are seeking to make the problem worse. Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on a bill that, among other things, would force automatic voter registration on the states, mandate that they accept same-day registration on Election Day, and strip them even of the existing avenues to clean their voter rolls. It’s no surprise why this bill is named “H.R. 1,” because Democrats prioritize any effort to get more votes, even if it comes at the expense of our sovereignty. Republicans, on the other hand, never prioritized protecting our franchise from fraud. The more this goes on, the less likely that they will ever get that opportunity again, because they will permanently be in the minority.
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    Add in all the young adult children of illegals voting legally , and it's easy to see why Republicans won't win anymore.
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    Democrats are falsely accusing Republicans of stealing the election because of Russian meddling, but they are the ones who are illegally supporting illegal voting by illegal aliens, and protecting them from being prosecuted for illegally voting. If it wasn't for illegal aliens voting in the mid-terms, democrats would have never won so many seats. We aren't stupid, we know why this happened, and it's the support they got from illegal votes. Yet, the democrats are going to great lengths to protect these illegal alien voters, while accusing Trump of winning because of Russia.

    The federal government should have the right to verify the identities of voters in any state, when FEDERAL elections are at stake, and any state that refuses, should be banned from elections. Why the hell is it all of a sudden ok for illegal aliens to come here? And vote in our elections at that? We obviously aren't a nation of laws when some politicians (democrats) get to pick and choose which laws should be followed and which ones shouldn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hattiecat View Post
    Add in all the young adult children of illegals voting legally , and it's easy to see why Republicans won't win anymore.
    Thanks for being with us here since May of 2007 HattieCat! So thankful for ya being a part of our community here for so long.
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    Thank you, ALIPAC, for all you do ; our family is in the residential construction business, and always grateful for what you do to stand up for the American people!
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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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