by Charlie Spiering 3 Dec 2014, 9:35 AM PDT

During a conversation with the Business Roundtable on Capitol Hill, President Obama dismissed Republican opposition to his decision to implement executive amnesty without Congress. He calls his action “exactly the right thing to do.”

Obama added that comprehensive immigration reform was probably the last item on the agenda for the 2015 legislative session in Congress. “I suspect that temperatures need to cool a little bit, in the wake of my executive action,” Obama said, pointing to Republican opposition.

“Certainly there will be pressure initially within Republican caucuses to try to reverse what I’ve done despite the fact that what I’m doing, I think, is exactly the right thing to do,” he said.

Obama explained that Congress would try to roll back his action, but would probably end up looking at comprehensive immigration reform again.

“My suspicion is that they will take a couple of stabs at rolling back what I’ve done,” Obama said, adding that Republicans should be willing to “engage” with him again on the issue at a later date.