American Freedom Fighters
July 26, 2014
by Dean James

Once again Obama is completely out of control and we pray this illegal act gets nipped at the bud!

The Obama administration has new idea to stem the flow of people on the southern border: set up a refugee processing center in Honduras so they can fly to the U.S. This is not a joke, unfortunately. It’s being reported in The New York Times.

Here are some details:

Hoping to stem the recent surge of migrants at the Southwest border, the Obama administration is considering whether to allow hundreds of minors and young adults from Honduras into the United States without making the dangerous trek through Mexico, according to a draft of the proposal.

If approved, the plan would direct the government to screen thousands of children and youths in Honduras to see if they can enter the United States as refugees or on emergency humanitarian grounds. It would be the first American refugee effort in a nation reachable by land to the United States, the White House said, putting the violence in Honduras on the level of humanitarian emergencies in Haiti and Vietnam, where such programs have been conducted in the past amid war and major crises.

Of course, the Haiti and Vietnam emergencies were a result of war and political persecution. While it is commendable to try and discourage people from making the 1,000+ mile trek from Central America to the U.S., this program poses a major problem in that it illegally expands the definition of refugee, which is narrowly defined in American law.

Under American law, refugees are people fleeing their country of origin based on fears of persecution by reason of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.