Policies almost mirror the Arizona law

Obama Suing DuPage County, Illinois For Enforcing Immigration Laws…

By Warner Todd Huston
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On the heels of news that the Obama administration is suing the state of Arizona over its new anti-illegal immigration law come news that the same treatment is being leveled at DuPage County, Illinois whose policies almost mirror the Arizona law…

Well, that is the headline that should be in the papers today if, that is, the Obama administration actually cared about law instead of only looking for a convenient political target which is all the administration’s focus on Arizona really is. It isn’t about immigration, illegals, the law, or any legitimate thing other than pure partisan politics. Obama thinks he has a great angle with which to pander to the Hispanic vote. That is all he cares about.

As the Chicago Tribune’s David Byrne notes, Obama is being wholly inconsistent with his attack on Arizona. http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/dennis- ... -laws.html

If it is unconstitutional and odious for state and local cops to enforce federal immigration laws, then why hasn’t the Obama administration sued dozens of Chicago collar counties and towns to stop them from doing it?

Byrne notes that rules for checking the status of illegals is required by… well, maybe you’ll be surprised, maybe not…

Suburban counties and some major suburbs here check the immigration status of anyone who has been booked, even for minor crimes. Even more surprising, this is done under the blessing and encouragement of … the Obama administration.

The so-called 287(g) program allows local law enforcement agencies to check the immigration status through an extensive Department of Homeland Security database of anyone who has been incarcerated and to hold anyone who has an immigration problem.

All this goes to show the hypocrisy of this current president and his lawless administration. None of them pay their taxes, none of them observe Obama’s “ethics