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Thread: Official Who Released Criminal Aliens into U.S. for Obama Now Directing ICE

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    Official Who Released Criminal Aliens into U.S. for Obama Now Directing ICE

    1 Jul 2017

    The acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the Trump Administration is the same bureaucrat responsible for overseeing the release of violent criminal illegal aliens into U.S. communities under the Obama Administration. The acting director, Thomas Homan, previously headed Obama’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), a position where Homan helped direct the release of criminal illegal aliens. Homan received an award from President Obama for his work on immigration matters.

    The agents and officers in the National ICE Council are sounding the alarm that such a bureaucrat would somehow be chosen by the Trump Administration to lead a flagship effort such as immigration law enforcement. ICE Council President Chris Crane, also an ICE Officer, spoke with Breitbart Texas and painted a dismal picture of the politics playing out in how our nation’s immigration laws are enforced.

    “It is a disgrace that the man who oversaw Obama’s effort to release criminal illegal aliens into our country is now the acting director of ICE,” said Officer Crane. “Someone under Trump has been allowed too much authority in choosing the worst possible Obama-holdover to lead the vital effort of enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.”

    Officer Crane continued, “Acting Director Homan should not be elevated, he should instead be held accountable. Just as Former Attorney General Eric Holder should have been held responsible for Operation Fast and Furious which resulted in Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death, Thomas Homan should be held accountable for every criminal illegal alien released during his ERO leadership during the Obama Administration.”

    The ICE Council’s decision to speak out was in large part due to Acting ICE Director Homan attending a roundtable White House meeting with family members of victims of illegal alien crimes on June 28, 2017, said Officer Crane. “Again, the Obama-holdover [Homan] was previously the director of ERO and responsible for the release of criminal illegal aliens into U.S. communities. Such a person being brought to this event made us realize that we had to speak out. Political forces are trying to promote this Obama-holdover and we don’t think the American public or President Trump would allow this if they realized what role Acting Director Homan played only months ago in the deluge of our borders and our nation’s sovereignty. There is no telling how many more American families will be in pain and suffer the loss of a loved one as a result of what Acting Director Thomas Homan did during Obama’s administration.”

    Breitbart Texas contacted ICE for comment and an intense exchange followed — one that highlights the ICE officers’ concerns about Acting Director Homan. The ICE spokesperson implied that Homan was simply following Obama’s orders and sent a transcript of Homan’s words to the press from the White House roundtable event mentioned prior in this piece.

    Several emails were exchanged asking what role Homan played in the release of criminal aliens into U.S. communities. Breitbart Texas wrote:

    I’m asking what role the deputy executive associate director of ERO plays in releasing criminal illegal aliens into the U.S.? I’m referring to people in ICE custody, not people who were let out because ICE detainers were not honored by other jurisdictions.

    What role does the person in that position (ERO director) play in these decisions and in executing these decisions?

    If the ERO director is not making such calls, who is making them? Directly?

    The ICE spokesperson responded:

    … you do understand that the position you’re asking about is held by career law enforcement professionals – civil servants not political appointees, right? Civil servants enact the policies directed to them by the executive branch – they don’t have the luxury of creating those policies. This includes the position Mr. Homan held under the previous administration.

    If you are attempting to suggest that Mr. Homan is not a vigorous defender of immigration enforcement, the hard working agents and officers of ICE and the public safety and national security of this country, then you could not be more wrong. He has dedicated his life to these efforts. Any suggestion to the contrary amounts is foolish and absolutely without merit

    Breitbart Texas responded:

    I note your rigorous defense of Homan, but someone in ICE leadership made the decision to carryout policies that posed a real threat to U.S. citizens. A career employee made the decision to carry out the policy of ordering the release of tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens, some of them murderers and sex offenders. These criminals were released into U.S. communities.

    “My boss told me to” is not a defense in regard to such extreme circumstances. Honorable men and women resign, sound an alarm to Congress, or otherwise attempt to take advantage of whistleblower protections before putting U.S. citizens at risk with such policies. They do not follow orders that any reasonable person would know will result in harm to U.S. citizens so that they can keep their job or continue a forward trajectory in their career. In such a circumstance, “I had to follow the order if I wanted to keep my job” fails to rise to the level of a reasonable defense.

    Did Acting ICE Director Homan, in his role as ERO director under Obama, do any of these things mentioned above? Did he in any way formally protest what he was being told to do? Is there any documentation that Acting Director Homan in any way objected, sounded an alarm, or notified Congress that the Obama Admin wanted murderers, sex offenders, and tens of thousands of other criminal illegal aliens to be released? Or did he follow the orders blindly?

    What Acting Director Homan is currently saying (which happens to be what is pleasing to the current administration) sounds amazing! Why didn’t he speak out and say these things under the Obama Admin? These are the questions being raised by the ICE Council and the officers and agents whom they represent.

    Acting Director Homan’s own recent words condemn his previous choices. He himself is saying that such releases of criminal aliens pose a significant risk to U.S. communities. This is exactly what the ICE officers are saying and asking for an account on.

    The ICE officers attribute the choice to follow orders and release criminal illegal aliens into U.S. communities to Acting Director Homan in his previous role in ERO under Obama. Was this, in fact, his call? If not, specifically who in ERO made the call?

    Breitbart Texas reached out again to the ICE Council for another response. ICE Council President Chris Crane responded, “ICE is playing a semantics game. Acting Director Homan did not utilize any of the tools at his disposal to sound an alarm on the release of criminal aliens into U.S. communities. He blindly followed Obama’s orders even though he knew it posed dangers to Americans.” Officer Crane continued, “Acting Director Homan had to choose between career advancement or speaking out on orders that would risk the lives of American families. He chose his career instead of public safety. Trump should not allow a man like Homan to direct ICE. Not only do our ICE officers deserve better, but the American people we help protect deserve better. This is not draining the swamp. Homan is the swamp.”

    Acting Director Homan did not just follow orders, but he received the Presidential Rank Award from Obama for his “exemplary leadership and extensive accomplishments in the area of immigration enforcement,” according to DHS Secretary Kelly in a press release on Homan being appointed by Trump.

    A previous report highlights the “accomplishments in the area of immigration enforcement” for which Homan was rewarded under the Obama administration:

    In Fiscal Year 2014, ICE released 30,558 convicted criminal immigrants, convicted of 79,059 crimes, allowing them to walk free in the U.S.

    “One-quarter of these 30,000 criminal aliens had been convicted of level one crimes, such as murder, rape, and sexual abuse of a minor. Of those 30,000, only 8 percent were Zadvydas cases,” Smith said referring to the Supreme Court case that prevents the indefinite detention of certain immigrants.

    Another report provides even more detail on what the leadership of ICE participated in during Obama’s tenure:

    The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in 2015 decided not to deport but release 19,723 criminal illegal immigrants, including 208 convicted of murder, over 900 convicted of sex crimes and 12,307 of drunk driving, according to new government numbers.

    DHS Secretary Kelly strongly advocated for Homan to be appointed as Acting Director of ICE, even though Homan was Obama’s deputy executive associate director of ERO, which means he was, in fact, the ERO director, according to ICE Officer Crane.

    Further emails with ICE showed a shift from the assertion that Homan was just following orders and ventured into a list of others reasons, blaming the courts and foreign nations for refusing to accept the criminals back from the U.S. A previous contentious exchange during Congressional testimony between Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and former ICE Director Sarah Saldaña discredits such defenses and Acting Director Homan’s own description of his former job duties show that the ICE failures mentioned by Rep. Chaffetz were indeed in Homan’s wheelhouse.

    Acting ICE Director Homan described his role on his LinkedIn profile in this way:

    As the Director for ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), I am responsible for promoting public safety and national security by maintaining direct oversight of critical ICE programs and operations to identify, locate, arrest, detain and remove illegal aliens from the United States. …

    Responsible for establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with various high-level individuals, including Members of Congress and their staffs, other legislative and executive agencies, executives of major corporations, and distinguished members of the public. Maintain close and cooperative working relationships with senior agency officials, government agencies, and other institutions with related interests, in order to advance the programs and objectives of ICE and ERO. Routinely work closely and collaboratively with other law enforcement officials at the highest levels of Federal, State, and local governments, as well as intelligence organizations and international law enforcement entities.

    The first defense ICE offered for Acting Director Homan was to insist he was just following Obama’s orders. When pressed, ICE defended Homan by insisting that other nations refused to accept back their criminals; however, Homan’s own LinkedIn suggests it was his own responsibility to advocate for the Department of State to pressure foreign nations to take back the criminal aliens. Breitbart Texas reached out again to ICE and asked if any documented efforts existed where Homan resisted the release of criminal illegal aliens into U.S. communities. ICE refused to answer the question and responded that Breitbart would have to use FOIA to obtain such information.
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    Recently, I had been searching for a story I thought was posted in the past about ICE officials, about Chris Crane, voicing objection or concern to Thomas Homan being appointed as ICE director. Good to see this latest story posted. He speaks well, however, he appears to hold views simliar to Secretary Kelly, who seems to be no friend to those Americans who want all immigration laws enforced on all illegal aliens. No carve outs for the "good ones" and the "bad ones" or there will be millions deemed "good" and allowed to remain.
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    Union President Gives Congress Emails Backing Testimony: ICE Ordered Agents Not to Arrest Illegals

    ( - Chris Crane, president of the union that represents the nation’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers, has provided the House Judiciary Committee and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) with what Crane says are internal ICE emails that back up testimony he gave in July and October that ICE headquarters had verbally ordered officers in the field not to arrest illegal aliens who did not have prior criminal convictions--even if they were fugitives evading deportation orders or were individuals who had illegally re-entered the United States after being deported and were thus committing a felony.

    “Increasingly, ICE headquarters leadership refuses to put directives to supervisors, agents and officers in the field regarding law enforcement operations in writing,” Crane told the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration in written testimony [1] submitted on July 26.

    “Orders and directives are given orally to prevent the activities of ICE's leadership from becoming public,” Crane, president of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council 118, testified. “Agents and officers in the field are frequently under orders not to arrest persons suspected of being in the United States illegally.

    “At times those no-arrest orders include ICE fugitives, who have been ordered deported by an immigration judge, as well as individuals who have reentered the U.S. following deportation which is a federal felony,” Crane testified. “Agents and officers report that they are ordered not to run criminal or immigration background checks or even speak to individuals whom they reasonably suspect are in the U.S. illegally.”

    “These directives prevent officers and agents from enforcing U.S. immigration laws and prevent the apprehension of fugitives, felons and other individuals who may present a threat to public safety,” said Crane. “Situations in which officers and agents are ordered not to run criminal background checks or speak to individuals create an especially high risk to public safety as agents may unknowingly walk away from individuals who pose a public threat.”

    When Crane returned to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration on Oct. 12, he repeated his testimony that ICE agents had been ordered not to arrest some illegal aliens.

    “Aliens who could not be arrested included but were not limited to ICE fugitives that had been ordered deported by a federal immigration judge as well as aliens who had illegally re-entered the United States after deportation, a federal felony,” Crane told the subcommittee.

    “ICE officers and agents also alleged that they were not permitted to arrest or even speak to confirmed or suspected illegal aliens encountered in the field during operations and were prohibited from running standard criminal record checks for wants and warrants,” said Crane, who also serves as an active-duty ICE officer.

    Crane testified in October that House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) had allowed the union to “bring officers forward as witnesses” and “to turn over several internal ICE documents” backing up his previous testimony.

    “I would like to thank Chairman Smith and his staff for working with the union regarding this matter after the July 25 hearing,” Crane testified. “Chairman Smith provided us with the opportunity to bring officers forward as witnesses. We were also able to turn over several internal ICE documents which appear to not only verify that these activities did in fact take place, but also named several senior level ICE managers allegedly involved in issuing the directives nationwide.”

    Crane also provided these documents--a set of email communications--to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.), who is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sessions' staff provided with copies of these emails and then verified directly with Crane that the emails Sessions' office had given were the same documents Crane had provided to both Sessions and to the House Judiciary Committee. Crane confirmed that they were.
    The House Judiciary Committee would not directly comment on the documents Crane had handed over. “The House Judiciary Committee will not comment on confidential documents provided to the committee for oversight purposes,” a House Judiciary staff member told

    However, Judiciary Chairman Smith provided a written statement to when asked to comment on the contents of the emails had received from Sessions, saying they were evidence of a pattern in which the Obama administration is not enforcing the immigration law.

    The emails that Crane gave to Sen. Sessions were not pristine. The names of mid-level and lower-level ICE officials have been redacted from them and some of the text has been underlined or printed in red ink. Also one email has a notation added to it to explain, among other things, that the term "Fugs" is a nickname for ICE's fugitive operations officers.

    Sen. Sessions’ office said the emails Crane gave Sen. Sessions already included these redactions and highlighting. Crane told that he was in fact responsible for redacting and highlighting parts of the emails before he handed them over to Congress.

    Also, the emails include a string of messages sent on May 13 in which two of the messages are marked with a time that is out of chronological sequence with others in the chain. When asked Crane about the time markings on these emails, he said that that is the way they were when he received them from the ICE field officers who were his sources for the documents.

    Additionally, while the names of mid- and lower-level ICE officials have been redacted from the emails, the names of two top ICE officials have not been. These are Thomas Homan and John “Kip” Crowther. Homan is ICE’s deputy executive associate director for Enforcement and Removal Operations. Crowther is ICE’s deputy assistant director for the Fugitive Operations Division.

    Despite the alterations Crane made in the emails before handing them over to Congress, Sen. Sessions’ office says it has no reason to believe they are inauthentic or fabricated.

    As is, the emails appear to provide an inside glimpse of nationwide ICE operations conducted in May 2011 that were part of ICE’s “Cross Check” program, which was designed to prioritize the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens who have already been convicted of crimes—as opposed to those who are fugitives from deportation orders or are only wanted for crimes and have not yet been arrested and put on trial.

    Sent back and forth between mid-level and lower-level ICE officials, they describe verbal orders that top ICE officials at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. allegedly issued to the agents in the field.

    The first email was sent on May 4. (OP Crosscheck Email 1.pdf [2]) According to an explanation of this email that Crane provided to Sen. Sessions, it is from a local ICE manager to his field officers. The subject is what Enforcement and Removal Operations Director Homan and Fugitive Operations Director Crowther told the local manager in a “teleconference” about the upcoming “Cross Check” operation.

    One section of the email cites what the manager says he heard from Homan.

    “Per Deputy Associate Director Homan: This is not a fugitive operation,” the local ICE manager says in the email. “This is an operation targeting criminal aliens. If the aliens you encounter are not criminal, they will not be arrested. He specifically addressed this by referencing a non-criminal fugitive. He stated point blank … ‘Am I telling you to walk away from a non-criminal fugitive or a non-criminal reinstate? YES!’” (OP Crosscheck Email 1.pdf [2])
    A “non-criminal reinstate” refers to an alien who has been deported and has illegally reentered the country.

    In the same email, the local manager explains what he says he heard on the teleconference from Crowther, the director of Fugitive Operations.

    “Per DAD [deputy assistant director] Kip Crowther: He tightened it up even further …” said the manager’s email. “ONLY TARGETS WILL BE ARRESTED. There will be no collateral arrests of any kind with this op. He stated ‘I know this is a little different then your normal operating procedure, but you have you’re marching orders…’ This was contradicted by Homan later in the call….”
    “He [Homan] added that no enforcement activities, including surveillance will take place in sensitive locations….,” wrote the manager.

    “Per Homan: If we identify a non-targeted criminal alien, we should arrest them,” the manager’s email continued. “However, per him, we should be looking for Alien A, talking to Alien A, and arresting Alien A, not everybody in the house. If we can’t identify the target (poor picture, no picture, etc.) and we are talking to a couple of people to determine their identity, and we find a confirmed criminal alien, they should be arrested. But if you enter a residence, find Alien A and arrest them, why are you wasting your time talking to everybody else in the house?”

    A second internal ICE email that Crane provided to Sen. Sessions is what Crane described to Sen. Sessions as a message from local ICE managers to their subordinate managers. This email, sent on May 9, described the reporting procedures that officers in the field were expected to follow during the upcoming Cross Check operations. The email repeats the point made in the earlier email that ICE headquarters did not want ICE officers in the field to arrest--or even interview--any illegal alien not known to have already been convicted of a crime.

    “I’m sure it has already filtered down to everyone, but as of right now, they only want targets arrested unless you come across a collateral that is a confirmed convicted criminal alien,” said the email. “They went as far as to say, like [name redacted] wrote in his summation of the last conference call, that if you see your target, you should arrest your target and leave the scene w/o anyone else being interviewed. I’m not sure what else to say about that, but I will not be able to enter any information in the database if it relates to a non-convicted, non-criminal alien.” (OP Crosscheck Email 2(1).pdf [3])

    A third set of documents that Crane provided to Sen. Sessions is a chain of emails that begins on May 10 with a manager giving directions to subordinates on how to enter arrests in a database. On May 13, however, this chain of emails turns into an exchange in which an officer asks whether “reinstatements” (deported illegal aliens who have re-entered the country) are “off limits” for arrest.

    When told that only reinstatements who have already been convicted of a crime can be arrested, the officer asks to be removed from the operations because he does not want people to commit felonies in his presence. (OP Crosscheck Email 3.pdf [4])
    This email chains includes two messages that seems to be out of chronological sequence--unless, perhaps, they were sent from another time zone than the others in the chain, or if the clock was wrong in the computer from which it was sent.

    “What about reinstatements? Are they off limits for this operation?” a subordinate emailed the superior at 6:53 a.m.

    “Criminals only, so criminal reinstatements are OK,” the superior emailed back at 6:55 a.m. (OP Crosscheck Email 3.pdf [4])
    “Criminal reentries only!!!” says the next email, which is marked as being sent at 5:56—seemingly 59 minutes earlier than the email that precedes it.

    “That’s the great thing about reentries, they are all criminals,” says another email sent by a subordinate at 7:58 a.m.. “I will arrest any reentry I encounter based on the fact that a felony has been committed in my presence. If there is a problem with that they best sit me out of this operation.”

    “I want to see the Fugs [Fugitive Operations officers] walk away from a restaurant with no-one, because there is no target working there,” a supervising officer then directed in an email marked as being sent at 7:23 — seemingly 35 minutes before the one that precedes it.

    A subordinate then responded--in an email marked as being sent at 8:36 a.m.--by asking to be removed from the operation if he could not arrest a deported illegal alien who had re-entered the U.S. and was, therefore, committing a felony in his presence.

    “I am serious about my email,” he said. “If that is going to be a problem then I respectively [sic] request to be removed from this operation. I will not walk away from a reentry, period! If the United States Attorney’s Office declines prosecution and management want to release that individual because it was somehow not an authorized immigration arrest, then that is on management, but I will not turn a blind eye to a felony committed before me. Please address these issues with management and let me know if I am to report for work on Sunday.” (OP Crosscheck Email 3.pdf [4])
    The superior emailed back in a message marked as being sent at 8:43 a.m.: “I will speak to [name redacted] about this issue.”
    Five weeks after this alleged internal ICE email exchange, ICE issued a press release that specifically said that “all” of the aliens arrested in the May “Cross Check” operation had prior criminal convictions. Even the fugitives who were arrested, the release said, were fugitives who had already been convicted of a criminal offense.

    “In May, ICE officers from all 24 ICE Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) field offices throughout the nation located and arrested more than 2,400 aliens with prior criminal convictions in all 50 states,” said the press release. “All of the criminal aliens taken into custody had prior convictions for crimes such as armed robbery, drug trafficking, child abuse, sexual crimes against minors, aggravated assault, theft, forgery and DUI. In total, 22% of the individuals ICE officers took into custody were immigration fugitives-convicted criminal aliens with outstanding orders of deportation who had failed to leave the country.”
    The press release described the May “Cross Check” operation as “part of the Obama administration's ongoing commitment to prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens that threaten public and national security.”

    In September, ICE put out another press release about a subsequent Cross Check operation. This press release also said that “all” of those arrested in this operation were aliens with prior convictions.

    “All of the 2,901 individuals taken into custody had prior criminal convictions including at least 1,282 aliens who had multiple criminal convictions,” said the Sept. 28 press release. presented the ICE press office, deputy executive associate director Homan and deputy assistant director Crowther with copies of the emails that Crane had provided to Sen. Sessions’ office.

    ICE did not address their authenticity, but denied that ICE officers were told to ignore non-targeted aliens during Cross Check operations or were prohibited from interviewing and running criminal background checks on them.

    “Contrary to the specific allegations that officers involved in Operation Crosscheck were instructed not to question the immigration status or criminal history of non-targets encountered throughout the course of the operation, ICE's Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC) received 1,686 calls about non-targets encountered during May 2011 Cross Check,” ICE said in a statement. “Based on those calls and subsequent record checks, ICE officers did arrest 450 non-targets who met the criteria of the operation and advanced the goal of improving public safety.”
    Presumably, these 450 non-targets “met the criteria of the operation” because they had prior criminal convictions.

    “Furthermore,” ICE did say in its statement, “ICE regularly conducts operations that target a variety of segments of the illegal alien population, in support of our enforcement priorities. For instance, ICE has Fugitive Operations teams that routinely conduct operations focused on immigration fugitives. Across the board, these kind of targeted operations are what helped the agency achieve record-breaking results in FY 2011 in our enforcement priority categories, which include convicted criminal aliens, immigration fugitives, illegal re-entrants and recent border crossers.”

    ICE Spokesperson Gillian Christensen reiterated that Operation Cross Check was designed to target illegal aliens who had already been convicted of crimes.

    “Like any other law enforcement agency, ICE conducts targeted operations, which focus on apprehending a group of specific, predetermined targets,” Christensen told “Consequently, during operations, officers’ attention should be focused on the targeted individuals because they posed the greatest threat to public safety. During the May 2011 Operation Crosscheck, ICE arrested 2,442 convicted criminal aliens, with prior convictions for crimes such as armed robbery, drug trafficking, child abuse, sexual crimes against minors, aggravated assault, theft, forgery and DUI. At the time, it was the largest and most successful operation of its kind in the agency’s history. Of the 2,442 individuals arrested, 534 were fugitives and 331 were illegal re-entrants.”

    Although every single one of the aliens apprehended in the May Operation Crosscheck had a prior criminal conviction, not all of the aliens removed from the country by ICE in fiscal 2011 were aliens who had already been convicted of crimes.

    “In FY 2011, the ICE removed 396,906 individuals--the largest number in the agency's history,” Christensen told “Nearly 55 percent, or 216,698, of the people removed in FY 2011 were convicted criminal aliens--an 89 percent increase in the removal of criminals from FY 2008, and the largest number of criminal aliens removed in agency history.”

    That means about 45 percent of the aliens removed in fiscal 2011 were not convicted criminals.

    “Overall, 90 percent of ICE's FY 2011's removals were in line with the agency's stated enforcement priorities,” Christensen further told asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Nov. 2 at an event in Washington D.C.: “Internal ICE emails and a June ICE press release show that under Operation Cross Check in May officers were ordered to only arrest fugitives with prior convictions rather than all aliens with outstanding warrants. Can you comment on that?”

    “I'll get back to you on that one,” DHS Press Secretary Matt Chandler, who accompanied Napolitano, responded quickly.
    “We’ll get back to you. That's not accurate,” said Napolitano. followed up on Napolitano’s statement with Chandler. ICE Spokeswoman Christensen responded to the inquiry by reiterating verbatim her initial statement citied above, which said all aliens arrested under the May 2011 Operation Cross Check had prior criminal convictions.

    On its face, that does not contradict Crane’s testimony that officers were ordered to only arrest aliens with prior criminal convictions.

    In a statement responding to a inquiry about the emails Crane provided to Sen. Sessions, House Judiciary Chairman Smith said: “Unfortunately, these allegations are just part of the Obama administration’s broader pattern to ignore the law until they can change it to allow millions of illegal immigrants to become citizens.

    “Under this administration, worksite enforcement has dropped 70 percent, making it easier for illegal immigrants to live and work in the U.S.,” said Smith. “And the Department of Homeland Security recently established a working group with the specific purpose of reviewing or revisiting orders of removal for illegal immigrants. This could open the door to allow millions of illegal immigrants to live and work in the U.S.”

    ICE, Smith said, “has the responsibility to enforce all immigration laws.”

    “Allegations made that ICE officials have directed agents and officers in the field not to arrest illegal immigrants undermine the agency’s credibility and mission,” Smith said.

    “Twenty-three million Americans who are unemployed or can’t find full-time work wonder why this administration continues to put illegal immigrants first,” said Smith. “Citizens and legal immigrants should not be forced to compete with illegal workers for jobs. The Obama administration should put the interests of American workers ahead of illegal immigrants.”

    OP Crosscheck Email 1.pdf [5]
    OP Crosscheck Email 2(1).pdf [6]
    OP Crosscheck Email 3.pdf [7]
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    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    DHS Secretary Kelly strongly advocated for Homan to be appointed as Acting Director of ICE, even though Homan was Obama’s deputy executive associate director of ERO, which means he was, in fact, the ERO director, according to ICE Officer Crane.
    Looks like Secretary Kelly was pretty much the one behind Homan's appointment. I don't really blame Trump for this because he is in a position where those he trust have to carry a lot of weight. Trump only fault in this, in my opinion, is trusting Secretary Kelly. Of course I don't think Kelly was a wise hire, but that's another story.

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