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    OH: Local Business Fined For Cheating Workers

    Local Business Fined For Cheating Workers

    June 30, 2011

    A local business is on the radar of the US Labor Department for cheating its immigrant workers out of overtime pay. The US Labor Secretary discussed a big fine and settlement today against those veterinary offices. The secretary is visiting Cincinnati for the LULAC convention. That's the League of United Latin American Citizens.

    Local 12 News Reporter Jeff Hirsh shares more on the immigration debate.

    There are certain political buzzwords which instantly get you a reaction ... abortion ... health care ... and, of course, immigration. At issue ... laws we do have ... and laws we should have. Of course, "should" depends on your perspective.

    "Whistles, drums, etc."

    Proud Americans of Puerto Rican descent ... parading through the LULAC convention hall. Outside ... a small group of other Americans ... protesting illegal immigration.

    "This social justice nonsense just doesn't work."

    And inside, the US Secretary of Labor ... saying it's time to treat all people fairly and decently.

    Hilda Solis,U.S. Secretary of Labor: "We have a responsibility to make sure that workers here in the US are not cheated out of their wages."

    Which is exactly what happened at the Hamilton Avenue Animal Hospital and its sister facility, the Sycamore Animal Hospital. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis announced the two hospitals have paid more than 85-thousand dollars in back wages and penalties to 21 immigrant workers who were forced to kick back overtime pay to their employer.

    "If they didn't comply, these workers were threatened with deportation."

    While many immigrants have low-paying jobs, the reality is the Hispanic market is huge and well educated. That's why so many businesses are at the LULAC convention. The ten or so demonstrators outside said illegal immigrants are taking jobs from Americans.

    Joe Macke, SW Ohio Patriots: "You got to stop it. Half the world would be in this country next week if we didn't say, hey we got laws."

    But LULAC delegates say the laws need to be enforced in a non-discriminatory manner.

    Ray Mancera, LULAC Delegate, El Paso, Texas: "Whenever they try to distinguish what is illegal versus legal, they look at you and when they see you're brown they say you are illegal and trying to take our jobs. Excuse me, I'm American. I was born here."

    The Labor Secretary says comprehensive immigration reform is needed, rather than state by state efforts, like you're seeing in places like Arizona and Alabama. She says most Americans do support things like having illegal immigrants pay back taxes, learn english, and go to the back of the entry line in return for legal status, but that does not have enough support in congress right now. In the animal hospital case, we left a message for one of the owners, but have not heard back.

    In addition to the 85-thousand dollar settlement for back pay and damages, the hospital also paid a 23-thousand dollar fine for willful violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    It was good to see that the Pro-Citizen comments seem to out number the Pro-ILLEGAL comments in the source article.

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