March 26, 2013
Tom Tillison

In what has been described as a purely political decision, the Obama administration canceled White House tours and the Department of Homeland Security released thousands of detainees ahead of the implementation of sequestration, all in attempt to make the public “feel” the effects of the forced spending cuts.

But will this effort backfire on President Barack Obama from a public relations standpoint, with children being denied access to “the people’s house” and the American public being exposed to potential harm from the release of illegal immigrant detainees with criminal records?

This is particularly a question for Florida, where one-third of the detainees released last month have criminal records, the Miami Herald reported.

Seventy-six of the 225 illegal immigrants released in the state by Immigration and Customs Enforcement have criminal convictions, including two who were considered aggravated felons.

ICE falls under the direction of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

The detainees were released by federal officials between Feb. 9 and March 1 and remain under supervised release.

In all, ICE last month released from detention 2,228 illegal immigrants, 629 of whom had criminal records. Four of the most dangerous detainees have been rearrested by ICE agents, including one in Florida.

And it seems the Obama administration is secure enough in its treatment by the media that it thinks it can withstand any backlash should harm be brought upon the American people. Let’s just hope the price for scoring a political point doesn’t include the life of an innocent American or two.

One-third of illegals released in Fla. have criminal records - BizPac Review