I can recall the days when population control was a big issue in the media but somewhere along the line it seems more bodies meant more money to the powers that be I guess.


By Frosty Wooldridge
October 27, 2008

Do you like what you see happening to the United States? Do you love that toxic blanket of air pollution covering our cities? Do you love our gridlocked cities? How about the cost of gas? Price of food rising? Are you thrilled with our medical costs? Bursting prisons? Financial meltdown? Do you feel the loss of a sense of America with competing languages and incompatible cultures injected into our society—at Warp Speed?

Anyone drive through Los Angeles lately? How about Chicago? What about Denver, Dallas or Houston? Ever got stuck in New York City or San Francisco in rush hour traffic? Have you noticed ‘rush hour’ means all day these days?

Have you noticed it’s gone from uncomfortable to more than a little bit crazy? What about your ‘quality of life’?

In an eye-opening expose’ of our accelerating dilemma, Kimberly Trone wrote, “Southern California Region Flunks