Police: Illegal Immigrant Caused Fatal Crash
Accident Killed Two Passengers In Driver's SUV

POSTED: 9:24 pm EDT September 16, 2010
UPDATED: 10:07 pm EDT September 16, 2010

WEST MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- An 18-year-old man in the country illegally is responsible for a crash that killed two people, police in York County said Thursday.

West Manheim Township police charged Francisco Javier Santos, 18, with two counts of homicide by vehicle and one count of driving under the influence, among other charges, stemming from an early Sunday morning crash on Baltimore Pike.

The accident took the lives of 22-year-old Rafael Garcia and 24-year-old German Lopez, as well as injuring a third person.

Police said the four were traveling in an SUV after leaving a Maryland bar.

Santos, who owned and was driving the SUV, attempted to pull his girlfriend out of the passenger's window of another SUV as they drove side-by-side, according to police.

Investigators said the SUVs collided and the Ford turned off the road just before Santos’s SUV lost control, slid sideways across the road and struck a street sign and curb. The SUV then rolled several times and ejected all four people inside, according to police.

Santos was airlifted to York Hospital, where blood tests indicated his blood alcohol level was 0.228 percent, well above the 0.8 percent level that is legal.