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    PA-Three illegal aliens arrested after breaking into home

    Three illegal aliens arrested after breaking into home, scared away by teenaged girls (w/video)
    August 6, 1:52 PM

    Dave Gibson

    On Wednesday, police in Middletown, Pennsylvania arrested three illegal aliens as they fled from a home they had just attempted to burglarize.

    Around 11:00 a.m., two of the men approached a residence in Middletown and knocked on the door. When no one responded, they forced their way into the house, through a sliding glass door.

    There were two teenaged girls home at the time. They screamed at the burglars, sending the two back down the stairs and out the door.

    The girls were able to describe the car with Florida license plates to the 911 dispatcher, as the illegal aliens sped away.

    Within minutes, the getaway car was surrounded by police units.

    According to Middletown Police Sgt. Ken Mellus, the men were identified as illegal aliens, two of them with outstanding warrants after their fingerprints were submitted to a criminal database.

    The illegal aliens arrested are:

    -Mexican national, Marquos Guevara-Vargas, 47, has an outstanding warrant from New Mexico for drug distribution charges.

    -Mexican national, Nestor Hernandez-Romero, 25, has an outstanding warrant New Jersey for fraud.

    -Peruvian national, Julio Araujo-Misitich, 27, the alleged getaway driver.

    All three have been charged with burglary and are being held in the Bucks County Jail on an ICE detainer.

    Bucks County has seen a huge increase in daytime burglaries as of late, and the three could be facing more charges soon.

    More About: Illegal Alien Crime ... aged-girls
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    Isn't the correct term "undocumented house guests?"

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    But, but.....they only want a better life. And a better tv by stealing someone else's. And a better laptop by stealing someone else's. And a better phone by stealing someone else's..................

    Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented worker" is like calling a drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist"........

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    Good ,deport them then
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    Once inside the house they became undocumented tenants not burglars. Damn these racist laws!!!
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