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    Panama's Security Chief: al-Qaida Is Here

    Mar. 21, 2005

    Insider Report from

    LINK to Story

    1. Panama's Security Chief: al-Qaida Is Here

    Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports that the al-Qaida terrorist group is active in Panama and may be making the Central American country a base of operations.

    Panamanian security chief Javier Martinez, speaking at a U.S.-organized seminar in his country earlier this month, said al-Qaida also is planning an attack on the Panama Canal.

    The paper did not cite additional specifics.

    The news of al-Qaida's Panama connection is not new to Insider Report subscribers.

    In January, NewsMax's Insider Report, quoting a source close to U.S. intelligence, reported that al-Qaida operatives have set up shop in Panama City.

    U.S. intelligence believes the terror group is using Panama as either a base or a transit point and may be making use of Panama's banks.

    We also noted that there remain other U.S. security concerns in Panama. Panama's recently installed president, Martin Torijos, is seeking closer ties to Cuba's Fidel Castro, who is no friend of the U.S.

    And a Chinese company still runs the canal that America built.

    Editor's Note: Check Out the CIA Translation of China's Military Manual -- Go Here Now.

    Edit: Link by Mr_Magoo
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    Is anybody surprised? Enforce immigration laws!

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    Good report AuntB
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