Poll: Joe Bidenís Rising Costs, Open Border More Worrisome than Donald Trumpís Abortion Policy

by WENDELL HUSEBō 25 May 2024

Voters worry more about President Joe Bidenís inflationary and open border policies than former President Donald Trumpís abortion policy, Cook Report/BSG/GS Strategy Group polling confirmed Thursday.

The polling appears to confirm that Trumpís immigration and economic messages sabotage and undermine the attraction of Bidenís most popular 2024 issue, health care, and thus essentially diminish Bidenís political appeal.

Abortion is a state issue, Trumpís policy essentially dictates, while Biden believes it is a federal issue. Biden holds higher approval marks on the question of abortion, but his approval of abortion does not outweigh Trumpís popular economic and immigration policies, the poll found.

The Cook Political Reportís Editor-in-Chief Amy Walter and Senior Editor David Wasserman described the data behind the nexus of the cross-pressures:

Among all voters, 73% ranked Inflation/Cost of Living as one of their top three issues, while 52% named Immigration/Border Security and 35% named Abortion/Reproductive Rights. Even among women, abortion ranked third (73% inflation, 48% immigration and 42% abortion) and among independents, abortion/reproductive rights ranked fourth.

When we asked voters which worried them more, Biden setting economic policy or Trump setting policy for abortion rights, 55% said they were more worried about Biden handling the economy than they were about Trump setting policy on abortion (45%). In fact, aside from Democrats, the only other demographic group that was more concerned about Trump setting abortion policy than Biden setting economic policy were college-educated women.

On immigration, a top issue for voters in these swing states, 53% of voters said they were more concerned about Biden setting immigration policy in a second term, while 47% were more concerned about Trump setting abortion policy.

The poll surveyed 3,969 voters in seven battleground states from May 6 to May 13, 2024.

The Cook Political Report findings were first explained by a highly respected liberal political scientist, Ruy Teixeira, a nonresident senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. He wrote an in-depth analysis that examined political ďcross-pressuresĒ between immigration and health care issues among the 2024 electorate.

The nexus of ďcross-pressuresĒ identifies a group of voters who support both America First immigration policies (detainment deportation, asylum restrictions, and a border wall) and Bidenís most popular overall policy of Medicare price negotiation.

In eight sets of data encompassing the nexus of ďcross-pressures,Ē Teixeira argued Trumpís immigration policy sabotages and undermines the attraction of Bidenís most popular issue and thus essentially diminishes Bidenís political appeal in 2024.

Teixeira underpinned his analysis with Bidenís historically low polling and Trumpís dominance in swing states, both reported by Breitbart News.