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Thread: Pregnant Mothers with Zika Virus crossing border in droves

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    Pregnant Mothers with Zika Virus crossing border in droves

    McCaughey: Obamacare and Illegal Immigrants
    Published on Jun 6, 2016

    Betsy McCaughey at NH's FITN Town Hall, Obamacare Death Spiral has begun and now Collapsing
    Jan 23, 2016

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    Oh it's just unbelievable. Turn them back. Turn them back. Do not let them in this country. What is wrong with you, you stupid evil government that would dare stick US taxpayers with the long term care of babies with half brains? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!! You are insane, that's what's wrong with you.
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    It has been written that zika is transferable thru saliva. So when they visit the restaurants, home party events etc & have sexual partners they will infect more people living here. What kind of gov't would allow disease into the country?

    it is endless stupidity. Does anyone in our gov't have any sense to stop this? Total disregard for our citizens and downright dangerous to be on the road of having millions with illness, TB, viruses, scabies, and retarded beings in droves. Will they breed more babies while here. They will still carry that virus.

    Her discussion of obamacare is right on! Seniors being denied proper health treatments while the illegals are getting everything for free. Move over grandma, we have zika mothers/babies with lifelong dependence on our monies and "refugees" with deadly TB to treat at
    20k to $450 k each before we treat our American citizens that probably has or had family members that fought, died, were maimed with forced military participation.
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    Send them BACK! People have diseases all around the world...we are not the dumping ground anymore!

    The CDC should demand that the border is shut down!
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