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    President's immigration policies confusing

    Dear Mr. President:

    Upon reviewing your immigration plan, I feel that you are going to take measures that will not necessarily help the United States.

    I believe it is necessary to protect and secure the borders of America having experienced and watched the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Our country does need to be protected, and the American people deserve to know that and feel they are safe. On the other hand, I think your plans and actions seem to be somewhat contradicting.

    In your current policy on immigration, you indicate the number of legal immigrants should be increased so there are a sufficient number of workers to fill jobs.

    Recently, you signed the stimulus bill so more jobs can be created for the American people. Are you confused about your goals or are other people making decisions for you, because this seems to be a huge contradiction that will directly affect the American people.

    Shouldn't jobs be filled by the American citizens who are here, or do you feel that the American people are too good for the jobs that are open? Do you feel it is your obligation to create worthy jobs for us to work?

    Have the American people raised their noses so high that we are too good to work immigrant jobs? We must remember, unless we are Native American, we are all immigrants.

    Second, in your immigration policy, you propose that undocumented immigrants who are in good standing with the United States can pay a small fine, learn English and then go to the back of the line and have the chance to become United States citizens. Who is to say this immigrant who is in good standing will not the next bomber like those on 9/11?

    Do you think that all immigrants are stupid and do not know English? I think that immigrants, although they may be in good standing with the United States, have already broken a law to enter the country. If this is their first action in the U.S., how do we know there are not more laws to be broken in the future?

    Thank you for your time reading this letter. I hope that you take into consideration all of our concerns about your confusing policies.

    Amanda Kiziah
    Hickory ... s-opinion/

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    Obama's real motives will eventually surface completely.

    Based on what we have seen and heard about Obama's policies would it surprise anyone to find out that Obama was a Islamic terrosist plant put into place to destroy America?
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