Previously-Deported Illegal Alien Caught on Camera Destroying Trump Signs While ‘at Work’

11 Nov 2016

Vandals, including an illegal alien who had been previously deported, were caught on film destroying former U.S. Navy SEAL officer and Blackwater USA founder Erik Prince’s Trump signs.

Prince’s signs, posted on his farm, were repeatedly torn down as the presidential campaign wore on.

Police identified two juvenile individuals who vandalized the Trump signs over ten times, and Prince caught two more on camera.

Incredibly, one of the arrested vandals was a previously-deported illegal alien, Prince said. Video provided to Breitbart News shows two suspects ripping down a Trump sign before driving away:

(unable to post the video for some reason, please go to source link to view)

Prince told Breitbart News that the two suspects caught trespassing and destroying his property on tape, who were later arrested, were working for the local government on a contract and committed these crimes on company time and the taxpayer’s dime.

“This out-of-state contractor employs illegals and underbids legit Virginia businesses while displacing legal Americans from work,” Prince said.

Trump won on Tuesday because of incidents like this, Prince said, “because people see that all over the place and they say enough is enough.”

It’s a priority of Prince’s to ensure the illegal alien is deported after being charged and convicted. If illegal aliens are caught committing a crime while in the country illegally, they should be subject to automatic deportation, he said.

Under the outgoing Obama administration, deportations dramatically fell overall, especially deportations of illegal aliens who went on to commit more crimes on U.S. soil — those have dropped sixty percent since 2011. U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) also released over 86,000 criminal illegal aliens from custody since 2013, many of whom had committed violent crimes.

The administration’s “Priority Enforcement Program” all but ignored the vast majority of illegal aliens and would have allowed 87 percent of the 11 million to 20 or 30 million illegal aliens remain in the U.S.