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    Previously deported illegal alien charged with murdering 10-

    Previously deported illegal alien charged with murdering 10-year-old girl

    Carrollton, TX -
    November 2, 2011

    On Tuesday, police arrested Jose Sifuentes, 23, and charged him the murder 10-year-old Jasmen Gonzalez. The girl was reportedly stabbed to death as she slept and her body dumped a few blocks away.

    A multi-agency search uncovered Jasmen’s body several hours later, hidden under some bushes. Investigators believe the girl was also sexually assaulted.

    According to police, Sifuentes was related to the girl by marriage.

    Gonzalez who lived in Oklahoma was in town with her parents visiting relatives

    Carrollton police spokesman Lt. Doug Mitchell told reporters: “The evidence that we have presently will sustain the charge he's charged with.
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    Evidence suggests Jasmen Gonzalez was sexually assaulted by cousin's lover before he killed her: cops
    November 2 2011

    Jose Concepcion Sifuentes, 23, faces murder charge in the death of Jasmen Gonzalez, a 10-year-old girl from Oklahoma.

    The 10-year-old Oklahoma girl found stabbed to death in Texas was murdered by her cousin's illegal immigrant lover, police said Monday.

    Jasmen Gonzalez, who was in the Lone Star State for a family reunion, may have also been sexually assaulted before she was killed, authorities said.

    Jose Consepcion Sifuentes — who was already being held on immigration charges — now faces a charge of murder, police said during a news conference Tuesday.

    A search warrant shows that evidence linking the 23-year-old to the crime - including a knife with a black handle, yellow rubber gloves, hair, half of a golden charm, and samples of suspected human blood - was found in his vehicle and apartment, KDFW 4 News reported.

    Gonzalez first went missing late Saturday night in Carrollton, a city north of Dallas. It was initially feared she was sleepwalking and wandered outside, but police soon dismissed that idea and believed she was abducted.

    Her body was found Sunday afternoon just four blocks from where she was staying at a relative's apartment.

    Officials said she suffered a stab wound to the chest. Evidence also suggests she was sexually assaulted, as the body was found with her shirt off and her pants and underwear pulled down.

    Sifuentes is from Mexico and has a child with his common-law wife, a cousin of the young victim, according to WFAA 8 News.

    The illegal immigrant had been deported from the United States in the past and is believed to have been back in this country for at least a month, police said.

    Mexican officials are aware of the case, but said they will not assist Sifuentes beyond ensure his rights are upheld, WFAA 8 News reported. ... e-1.971017
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    Child's murder in Carrollton has international implications .


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    Posted on November 1, 2011 at 10:39 PM

    CARROLLTON — Mexican officials are now involved in the case of an 10-year-old girl who was murdered in Carrollton over the weekend.

    The family of Jasmen Gonzalez attended a private candlelight vigil Tuesday night near the spot where her body was found. The Mexican Consulate is tying to help them arrange a funeral.

    Earlier in the day, Jose Sifuentes, a relative of the dead girl, went from "person of interest" to accused killer.

    "How do you fathom losing a 10-year-old child?" asked Carrollton police spokesman Lt. Doug Mitchell.

    With Sifuentes now in jail, police now have another priority — helping the victim's family.

    "There is an anonymous benefactor that's going to help with transportation costs and other necessities," Mitchell said, adding the police have also been in touch with Catholic Charities to see about helping Jasmen's grandparents travel from Mexico to her funeral in Oklahoma City.

    The Mexican Consulate in Dallas told News 8 they are guiding the Gonzalez family through the process of getting humanitarian visas for relatives in Mexico.

    Consulate staffers have also spoken to Jose Sifuentes, who is in the U.S. illegally, officials said. The consulate is monitoring his case to ensure his rights are upheld, but said they will not provide any other help to him.

    Sifuentes had been deported from the U.S. in the past. He had been in Carrollton for about a month.

    "I see him two times, that's it... he's a new resident," said apartment manager Ruth Reyes.

    Sifuente's common-law wife is the victim's cousin. They have a child. On Tuesday, their apartment still held toys, but Reyes said most of their belongings were packed into a moving truck overnight.

    Sifuentes is charged with murder. A capital murder charge could come later, after police determine whether the 10-year-old was sexually assaulted.

    "There are a lot of things that still have to be done... a lot of evidence that still has to be analyzed," Lt. Mitchell said. "To my knowledge, that determination has not been made."

    Jasmen's family was waiting for her body to be released by the medical examiner's office. They will then return to their home in Oklahoma City for the funeral. ... 51343.html
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    Carrollton child murder suspect crossed border more than once


    Posted on November 2, 2011 at 10:54 PM

    CARROLLTON - The man accused of murdering a 10-year-old girl in Carrollton illegally crossed into the United States on multiple occasions before his most recent arrest.

    Records obtained by News 8 show that Carrollton police arrested Sifuentes in April 2009 in a traffic stop. He faced charges including minor in possession of alcohol and driving without a license and insurance. Officers turned him over to immigration officials because of his illegal status.

    Sifuentes was granted voluntary return - an option given to some illegal immigrants with no serious criminal history on record. He went back to Mexico, but he didn't stay long.

    According to ICE, Sifuentes was caught trying to illegally enter the U.S. that same month, and then again in May 2009. All three times, he was granted voluntary return.

    "It tells me that it's continual, that's it's a pattern and it's not going to stop," said Dallas immigration attorney, Michelle Scopellite.

    Sifuentes didn't. He finally was able to get back into the U.S. News 8 does not know how and when he returned.

    For Scopellite, the case shows how difficult enforcement at the border is and that more protection are needed to slow down border crossings.

    "We are left with a situation of somebody who has entered three illegally and been removed twice and then something like this happens," Scopellite said. "It's a real travesty."

    While Scopellite believes ICE and Border Patrol agents did the best they could, she wonders why they didn't hand down tougher consequences after Sifuentes' border arrests.

    "Why didn't they go into the process of going through an order of removal since he had already been given voluntary departure and hopefully, the next time they caught him, he would have served some federal time," Scopellite said. "That never happened and they gave him voluntary removal every time."

    On Wednesday night, the community of Carrollton came together for a vigil to support Jasmen Gonzalez's parents. They attended the vigil and didn't want to talk about the loss of their daughter, but they did share a few words. They also thanked the community.

    "I don't want to talk right now. This tragedy that has happened to us, it hasn't been easy," said Jasmen's mother, Elvira Hernandez. "And, I hope you understand. Thank you."

    The family set up an account for funeral expenses at Chase Bank. Donations can be made at any branch under Jasmen Gonzalez's name.
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    Article immediately above ^ added to Homepage--
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