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    Prostitution...More jobs Americans won't do ?

    More jobs that these good hard working folks do that us Americans won't do ?

    All these politicians need to do is open thier eyes.No one is hiding in the shadows as they say.

    HAMILTON — The Butler County Sheriff's Office has busted a prostitution operation servicing illegal immigrants in the county.

    Sgt. Todd Langmeyer of the drug and vice investigation unit said detectives received a confidential tip that an illegal immigrant, using the name Primo, was supplying prostitutes to other illegals in the county. They also received information that a minor may have been involved in the operations and the prostitutes were coming from New York, according to Langmeyer.

    After making multiple calls to Primo's cell phone, undercover agents arraigned for a meeting with Primo and a prostitute. They met at the BP Station at High and Main Street about 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 3, and then the undercover officers and the duo proceeded to a Hamilton motel.

    "She took $80 for two men," Langmeyer said.

    Logan Carrasco-Zambrano, also known as Primo, and Violeta Urena-Deluna, were both arrested in the parking lot of the motel, Langmeyer said.

    Carrasco-Zambrano, 28, would only provide his name, age, and the fact he came to the United States, illegally, two years ago, from Honduras. Urena-Deluna, 45, stated she has been in the United States, illegally, for 28 years, and is originally from the Dominican Republic. Urena-Deluna recently moved from New York City to Alabama, according to Langmeyer.

    Carrasco-Zambrano is charged with two counts of promoting prostitution, a fourth-degree felony, and Urena-Deluna, two counts of prostitution, a third-degree misdemeanor.

    The Butler County Sheriff's Office has contacted Immigration Customs Enforcement in reference to both subjects. Both may face deportation procedures after answering for their stated charges.

    Langmeyer said they believe more prostitutes connected to this operation are still in Butler County and the investigation is ongoing.
    We can't deport them all ? Just think of the fun we could have trying!

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    Both may face deportation procedures after answering for their stated charges.
    MAY face deportation? Come on. I know they say they are all good honest hard working people but I swear, they are not in the shadows and the ones making a killing are the ones doing illegal ventures like this, drugs, ID rings etc. They are not ALL good, honest, hardworking people. They are out for a quick buck and don't care who or what they use and abuse to get it.
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