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    Protect our borders,culture

    Protect our borders,culture

    Article Last Updated: 09/09/2007 03:42:04 AM EDT

    Sep 9, 2007 — I have read over the last several months many factual, positive, constructive and, yes, conservative articles and op-ed pieces that have inspired me to send along my views.

    May I start with our own native Yorker and fellow Rotarian, George Trout, who wrote a well-researched article in July for the York Sunday News titled "Indifference is the enemy in the war on terror" about protecting our country. This reminds me of a quote from Ronald Reagan: "Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong."

    This is certainly true in fighting the Islamo-fascists, and the sponsors of terrorism would like nothing more than to bring about another 9/11 in this country and to wipe the state of Israel off the face of the earth. Action is necessary in spite of comments by Nancy Pelosi and others to the contrary, who would sit down with the rulers of Syria, Iran, Argentina and North Korea on a one-on-one basis trying to strike a Neville Chamberlain deal and bring home to the American public "peace in our time." This does not work with an enemy that has the network of terrorists dedicated to implementing this nation's total destruction. I am not certain what there is about that goal that this government doesn't understand.

    Columnist Craig R. Smith wrote a piece some months ago. He questions why so many people appear to be so discontented and so disappointed with our country, a country that so many risk their very lives and the lives of their families just to come to. A country that does not have to build a wall to keep people in, but builds a wall to keep out those who wish to come in illegally and those who wish to bring harm and annihilation to our people and to our country. Craig Smith also spoke of the low approval rating for our president, a president who guided our nation through 9/11, cut taxes and created a strong economy. Speaking about approval ratings - approval ratings for Congress are substantially lower than the president.

    My main reason for writing this article is that we must retain our culture, our language and our ideals and must protect our borders from those who wish to gain entrance illegally - the terrorists, the drug dealers, the gangsters, who wish to bring down our nation. Dick Lamm, a former Democratic governor of Colorado, gave a speech some time ago and referenced the 2003 book, "Mexifornia," all of which is so very appropriate today.

    He spoke on ways to destroy America such as establishing a multi-lingual and bi-cultural nation. Yes, it would be, and is, a blessing to be bi-lingual, however, he said, "it is a curse for society to be bi-lingual." Canada has its problems with Quebec, France has difficulties with Basques, the Bretons and the Corsicans, Pakistan and Cyprus, Lebanon and the list goes on.

    If we wish to destroy America, encourage multi-culturism, which encourages immigrants not to assimilate into our society, but to maintain all their separate cultures and disregard the history that made us the great nation that we are. In other words, "Hispanic Quebec." Doing this, we would celebrate diversity rather than unity. It was Benjamin Schwartz of the Atlantic Monthly who said the formula for destroying this country is to "replace the melting pot metaphor with the salad bowl metaphor." He spoke of "victimology" where minorities think that their lack of success is the fault of the majority.

    Dick Lamm, in his speech, went on to speak of the root cause of America's downfall, which would include dual citizenship and the promotion of divided loyalties with the emphasis on differences rather than similarities. He spoke of paralyzing one's thinking by adopting 16th century Heratic labels on anyone who would talk against diversity or promote unity.

    Immigration has been good for America, so let's make it legal immigration. There is nothing wrong with selective immigration, accepting applications for citizenship from a diverse number of countries around the world. We wish, however, that they assimilate and become Americans, earn their citizenship and not have as their ultimate goal as being financially supported by the U.S. government and the U.S. taxpayers.

    We need an immigration bill that is not an amnesty bill that just encourages millions more undocumented individuals to illegally cross into our country. Shore up our borders north and south and make this country safe for all its citizens. I leave you with a Lamm quote, "Greece fell." "E Pluribus Unum"- from many, one. In that historical reality,

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    Is history repeating itself? It appears that 1492 is happening all over again with the invasion of Mexico. Americans are being pushed further away. When the Mexican population move in, Americans move out. I have seen total neighborhoods of people move and it is mainly because of gang activity because when Mexicans move in, they bring gang activity with them. And most of them are illegal.

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