Wednesday, March 23rd 2016, 4:59 pm PDT
Wednesday, March 23rd 2016, 5:03 pm PDT
By David Baker

Dozens of protesters rallied at the state capitol Wednesday and urged Gov. Doug Ducey to veto several immigration bills.

They held up signs and played the drums to show solidarity against the measures making their way through the state legislature.

"They're anti-immigrant, they're anti-refugee; they only promote the hate that Arizona has been trying to get away from since SB 1070," Ricardo Zamudio with Neighborhood Ministries said.

Organizers said they've seen an increase in the number of bills that are anti-immigrant.

SB 1377 would impose mandatory sentences for those in the country illegally and are convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony.

HB 2223 would defund municipalities that are so-called "sanctuary cities," which protect those in the country illegally or refugees from deportation.

HB 2370 would prohibit state resources from being used to help refugees, unaccompanied children, and other non-U.S. citizens unless they have undergone a thorough background check or if the U.S. government agrees to compensate Arizona.

"A lot of this rhetoric in the bills, the language in the bills and the sentiments of this legislature comes from a lot of the hateful sentiments that someone like Trump has already opened the window for," Zamudio said. "We ask that they stand with the new Arizona, or they stand with hate."

Protesters said the "Trump effect" has spread to 15 other states that are considering anti-immigrant legislation.