Race for White House Brings New Level of Protest

Posted Tuesday, March 8th 2016 @ 4am by iHeartMedia’s Cliff Saunders

If you’ve watched any Donald Trump rally lately, you have likely seen protesters dragged away. And you’ve likely seen the GOP front runner taking those protesters to task in front of his audience.

But, it turns out some of those protesters have taken things to the next level; violence.

According to William Gheen at ALIPAC, some of those protesters targeted an older Trump supporter in Florida.

“A veteran that was volunteering to support Trump was sitting outside a polling place and two young Hispanic males assaulted him and destroyed his signs,” Gheen said.

Gheen thinks this is only the beginning.

“We believe the chances of political violence are rising rapidly,” Gheen stated.

Trump protesters in New Orleans last week were described as scary by reporters covering the candidate.

Presidential historian Terry Madonna told KTRH protesters have always been a part of the process but this is something different.

“We have not had the nature of the vitriol in modern times. We are more polarized as a nation than we were since the 1960’s,” Madonna
explained. “We are seeing this from both Democrats and Republicans. That’s how strong these feelings are.”

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