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    Some history on the formation of

    April 22, 2005
    Red, White
    By Dan Reyes

    SAN JOSE â€
    "This country has lost control of its borders. And no country can sustain that kind of position." .... Ronald Reagan

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    Red, White, and Blue Latinos

    Potrayed as criminals? Well, let me think. You enter a nation without checking in at the front gate. That nation has gate keepers. To not go thorough the gatekeepers is ILLEGAL. That makes you a CRIMINAL.
    Naw Sixx, you gotta be "sensitve". You are black, you should understand. You know, racial profiling and all.

    Let me take my gloves off and get my hands dirty here:
    The illegal immigrants are just that. They are ILLEGAL!!! They are the Bad Guys!!! I am not seeking political office or a career in the movies. I care only about my family's safety and about winning this WAR. And this is as much of a war as the previous wars that we have fought with Mexico. One of the Six Flags over Texas was the Mexican flag. They think it still belongs to them. I live in TEXAS. I know Texas history like I know how to walk. We have been invaded. AGAIN!! The illegals are taking Texas back. You know, those that don't know their history.......
    You see them as the yard man just trying to make a living. I see Santa Anna. You see the little lady working three jobs to feed her 6 kids. I see them as suicide bombers with babies instead of bombs straped to their stomachs. Living on the border, I see things differently than those of you in South Carolina, Colorado, and Idaho, and even the other border states. This is the front lines. The belly of the beast. If you don't live in Texas, then take the problems that you see in your state and put them on steroids x 1000 with a crack habit. Then you will have a general idea of what is like to live here.
    Some say that in order to dramatically alter the way we think, in order to change the status quo, it is necessary to have a major wake up call. We have had that wake up call. Now it is time to change how we look at the world. Now it is time to get it right. So hang on to your ball caps and hairpieces, this is going to be monkey-butt ugly. But it's not going to be boring. And you need to know the truth and be prepared for the long fight ahead. I am writing this because it is time that someone who has actually fought in similar battles to offer a solution. There is no such thing as an "ex-military man, or woman. Once in, always in. I WORKED 20 years fighting for this nation. I did things that would make most of you lose your lunch. You see, I have an instinct. A killer instinct. It serves me in the O.R. and it has kept me alive for 48 years. I am a soldier, trained to manage violence. Not that I am advocating violence, but we are facing a serious, and violent enemy. See, I am a killer with two college degrees. I'm not advocating killing anyone, been there done that. I am a Ranger and Mechanized qualified retired officer. Been all over the world. Led men and women in peace and war. Worked with our intelligence services, and such amazing men as Navy SEALs, Rangers, and Special Forces. I am one of them and proud of it. We have been the ones charged with killing the bad guys. We have lain in wait and for DAYS and killed them. We have hunted them down and killed them. That's what we do, KILL BAD GUYS!!! So I write from MY perspective, from my expertise, from my service, from my fear, from my heart, and yes, from my HOPE!!!
    We have to get that instinct. Yes, it is up to US. The others are watching the NBA playoffs and pay per view porn movies. We have to be direct, no BS people-Warriors for our nation. OUR NATION. Given the stakes, our very survival, don't you think it is time to see if we are really, I mean REALLY ready? I am not saying it is going to be easy. However, once you know what has to be done, then you can get out there and do it. Some of the solutions to our problem will take a while to implement and will require political pressure FROM US to FORCE politicians to make the changes happen. Our "represenatives" are blind men, in a dark room, looking for a black cat, that is not there. If you think "sensitivity" is going to win this fight, think AGAIN. No, we need to DEMAND THAT OUR POLITICAL LEADERS CONFRONT the leaders of Mexico etc. The illegals boycott. We boycott. Call it what it is. We are fighting, in a civil manner of course, for our children and their futures. A fight is a fight. We use our minds instead of bullets. Emails instead of tanks. But we, in order to survive, must develop a war mentality. I am not a hero, and I don't play one on t.v. I am an AMERICAN CITIZEN, VETERAN, AND PATRIOT and I KNOW what the hell I am talking about. Good night and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! [/b]

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    There is no such thing as an "ex-military man, or woman. Once in, always in. I WORKED 20 years fighting for this nation
    FYI, somewhere around 4am I heard Frosty W. the writer on the radio speaking about the ILLEGAL issue. While on the radio he was receiving quite a few emails form OUR TROOPS IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

    They're NOT happy and don't want to be called upon to "clean up this mess" when they return home.

    My old Soldier is extremely angry that we're selling our soil & putting our Constitution in the paper shredder while our guys are fighting for our Constitution and safety As a matter of fact, he's long past angry and has hit the boiling point.

    "nuff said!

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    red white and blue latinos

    Thanks for explaining that watchman.

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