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Thread: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has a plan to pay for Trump's border wall: Charge rich foreigne

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    Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has a plan to pay for Trump's border wall: Charge rich foreigne

    Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has a plan to pay for Trump's border wall: Charge rich foreigners $1 million to become citizens

    APRIL 5, 2017, 2:07 P.M.
    Sarah D. Wire

    (Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call)

    When Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) met with President Trump in the Oval Office on Tuesday, he took the opportunity to pitch the president on a plan to pay for Trump's proposed border wall: Charge 50,000 wealthy foreigners a year $1 million each to become citizens.

    "We have 50,000 people come into the country every year chosen by a lottery, which is ridiculous. If we're going to have people come in, OK, let's choose the people coming in," the Republican said on Wednesday.

    The 50,000 visas Rohrabacher referred to are granted each year largely to people from Eastern Europe and Africa. To qualify, a person must have a high school diploma and be from a country few people emigrate from.

    Unlike the hundreds of thousands of other visas the U.S. grants each year, which are based on specific factors like working in a high-demand field or having family in the country, the lottery is the only visa program based on a willingness to drop everything and move to the U.S.

    Under Rohrabacher's plan, the visa lottery would end and wealthy visa applicants would pay to become citizens within two years of their application. Such as effort would require legislation, which Rohrabacher says he hasn't finished writing yet.

    Rohrabacher said Trump was so interested in the idea he called in White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and senior strategist Steve Bannon to join the 45-minute conversation, which lasted three times longer than scheduled.

    Rohrabacher said he and Trump also touched on a variety of foreign and domestic policies during their Tuesday meeting, but he wouldn't be more specific.

    Rohrabacher has been a vocal defender of the new president and his foreign policy proposals, including improving relations with Russia. Rohrabacher's pro-Russia stance has long put him at odds with the majority of the Republican Party, but has gained Rohrabacher new standing with Trump.

    Rohrabacher said Trump's invitation to the White House came just after he defended the president on Fox News on Saturday. He didn't believe the invitation was real because it was April Fools' Day.

    "It was a lively discussion on Fox News and I was my normal aggressive self and when I got off the interview ... my phone rang and it was the White House operator saying the president's on the line for you," Rohrabacher said. "It turned out this wasn't a prank from one of my friends."

    National Democrats have announced plans to target Rohrabacher in 2018, and he's drawn two opponents already. While the congressman was elected to a 15th term with 58.32% of the vote, the district narrowly chose Hillary Clinton for president.

    ďCongressman Dana Rohrabacher has existed on the fringe of American politics for decades but now has the ear of the president and the ability to push his dangerous views inside the Trump administration,Ē Democratic Congressional Campaign Commmittee spokesperson Tyler Law said in a statement.
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    Better idea though is just to get rid of the visa lottery. What a totally stupid idea. In fact all immigration seems stupid to me at this point.
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    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is one of the best lawmakers in all of Washington DC on the issue of fighting illegal immigration and amnesty.

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    Silly idea, dangerous idea.

    We don't need any more poor people who can't pay their way. We don't need any more wealthy people who are buying up this country.

    We need to shut our border - period - for a time. We need to get a handle on things.

    This is no longer America - we could get it back - but we can't do it with silly sound bites, and really silly ideas.

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    Take a % of foreigners remittances - looks like illegals aren't being deported so charge them up.
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    I Million is not high enough. Needs to be more plus a percentage of all remittances and family based VISAs.JMO
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