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    Report suggests California lags on deporting illegal immigra

    Report suggests California lags on deporting illegal immigrant criminals

    5:51 p.m. | Susan Valot | KPCC
    Homeland Security Inspector General's Report

    A new report by the federal government suggests California isn’t doing as good of a job deporting criminals who are illegal immigrants, compared to several other states.

    Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General took a sampling of foreign-born inmates in state and federal custody. It found that its Criminal Alien Program identified 99 percent of criminal illegal immigrants who should be deported.

    But in California, that number was only 96 percent. That translates to about four in every 100 criminal illegal immigrants in California stay in the country, when they should be deported.

    That’s the lowest rate of the states that were reviewed: California, New York, Florida and Texas.

    The report blames staffing levels combined with an increased workload.

    The Inspector General also points out that the program didn’t always record critical information into the program’s database during the screening process, which means some foreign-born criminals fell through the cracks.

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say they’re already working to put the report’s recommendations into practice – and fix the problem.
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    Seriously they got the numbers wrong. The report is trying to say that 99 of 100 illegal immigrants who are set for deportation leave but california deports 96 of 100? Sounds like the numbers are seriously mixed up. ICE themselves have said that most illegals just get orders for self deportation yet never leave.

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    With California totally broke and going off the cliff with no more money for ANYTHING and businesses "racing" out of California daily, the illegals will find the atmosphere in California no better than Mexico -- guess that didn't do them any good by bankrupting the state -- no more money for their "anchors" anymore!!!!

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    No worries,American-ized, the illegals will head for NYC where their biggest fan, Bloomberg, welcomes them with open arms.
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    "Report suggests California lags on deporting illegal immigrant criminals"

    Who can expect any less from the late great state of Mexifornia?
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    That's funny this article comes out a day after a co worker of mine was picked up by ICE. I belive CA can do more all ICE has to do is go to any fast food place or any random bisniss area I'm sure they will have no problem finding IA's they're all over and deffenatly not in the shadows. Oh and by the way I walked up to the officers and shook their hands and told them good job in front of the co worker haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by moptop
    Oh and by the way I walked up to the officers and shook their hands and told them good job in front of the co worker haha
    Good for you!
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