Reps. Gohmert and Biggs to Newsmax TV: Biden, Dems Created 'Inhumane Border Crisis'

By Theodore Bunker | Friday, 12 March 2021 03:03 PM

President Joe Biden and Democrats are responsible for creating a crisis on the southern border with their immigration policies and rhetoric, Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert of Texas and Andy Biggs of Arizona told
Newsmax TV on Friday.

Gohmert told ''
John Bachman Now'' that ''we looked for ways that we can agree with people that we sometimes disagree with,'' and added that Biden ''did say something I could completely agree with when he said, 'everybody lost something,' and in his case it could be he lost his mind."

"He's allowing these people to be lured to the United States and let me tell you, John, when you hear the term unaccompanied minor, that's not true," Gohmert said. "They are, even if nobody else is accompanying them, they're accompanied by drug cartel coyotes, and that is not good, and that's not healthy."

He added: ''Any president that would continue to keep the welcome mat for the drug cartel to continue to make tens of billions of dollars so they can corrupt Mexico and keep the Mexican people supplanted, that is outrageous."

Gohmert said that "somebody needs to wake up in the White House and say, 'this has got to stop. It is a crisis of humanity that's going on right now.'"
Biggs termed the current illegal immigration problem "Biden's inhumane border crisis" and said the president "campaigned on amnesty."

"He campaigned on open border policy," Biggs said. "And so that's why you see people on the border now wearing Biden T-shirts holding signs saying, 'Biden let us in.' And the reality is it is inhumane.

"It's inhumane because a slew, he said, you've got kids and 9,000, over 9,000 unaccompanied minors ... it's not that that means simply that they don't have their parents or some other relative with him. It means you got a cartel coyote that's taken him. We've got raping going on. You got sexual assault and abuse going on all along this journey, one of six men and one in three women are sexually assaulted and controlled by these cartels. It's inhumane.''

Gohmert said later that Democrats ''are the ones that created this crisis."

"There was not a crisis there," he said. "They didn't inherit a crisis. They created a crisis by telling people all over the world, 'Now is the time to come,' even though now they're waving their hands, 'Come on in. Come on in.' Well, they're saying, 'Hold up.' But as even many Democrats have said, the immigrants have gotten the message, they're coming. No matter what you say about 'Don't come right now. Come later.' They're coming in droves. It is their crisis. They created it.''