March 27, 2013
Latin America Herald Tribune

BUCHAREST – Police dismantled a criminal organization that helped about 600 Romanians enter the United States illegally via Mexico, the organized crime prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday.

At least 60 people are being questioned as suspects in the ring operating out of Craiova, a city in southern Romania.

“The candidates were selected to arrive fraudulently in the cities of Cancun and Mexico City, Federal District, and were handed over to other members of the group after paying and taken to the United States, with a destination of Los Angeles or New York,” police said in a statement.

The criminal organization also helped those wishing to go to Canada to enter that country from the United States.

Immigrants were charged about $8,000 by the organization to get them to their destination.

The organization, whose bosses are underworld members in Craiova, earned around $1 million from the people smuggling operation, prosecutors said. EFE

Latin American Herald Tribune - Romania Dismantles Ring That Smuggled People into U.S. Via Mexico