Rwandan refugee arrested for threatening to shoot up Indiana high school and KILL police officers

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Merci Habimana, an 18-year-old refugee from Rwanda, was arrested after allegedly threatening to "shoot 1,000 students" at Brownsburg High School (BHS) in Indiana.Court documents obtained by local media revealed that Habimana was charged with "intimidation with threat of a forcible felony" after the teenager sent disturbing messages to BHS expressing his intention to kill students and police officers.
On May 20, officers from the Brownsburg Police Department (BPD) were called to an area near apartments on Rothchild Place just outside the southern city limits of Brownsburg for a welfare check.
One caller reported to 911 that a man was lying in his car with the doors open and was throwing up. The BPD reported that after arriving at the scene of the incident, police officers found a man in the driver’s seat of a red Ford Focus.
The car door was propped open and officers said that a bottle of Christian Brothers Brandy was visible. One officer who saw vomit outside the car allegedly had to nudge the man before he recovered consciousness.
The man, later identified as Habimana, told officers that he lived nearby. He also showed them his license.
While searching his car, officers discovered two bottles of Stella Artois beer and various beverage caps. The car had a flat front tire and there were no keys in the ignition.
During a breath test, BPD said Habimana blew a 0.33 even though he only gave a "mediocre blow." The legal blood alcohol content limit in Indiana is 0.08 percent. The teenager was detained for "minor in consumption of alcohol."
After the officers tried to put handcuffs on Habimana, he allegedly became aggressive and tried to pull away. Once he was inside a squad car, Habimana claimed that he was only being arrested because he was Black and began threatening an officer and his family.
One officer wrote that Habimana said that when he was released, he would go out to find them. The officer added that he thought he heard the teenager say he was going to kill him, but he had a hard time understanding Habimana's accent.
The officer also said that he heard Habimana say that he would try to grab his gun. Habimana was later taken to the Hendricks County Jail, where the teenager was booked on felony intimidation and minor alcohol charges. (Related: New Mexico middle school forced into lockdown TWICE in 8 days after illegal immigrants enter school premises.)
Habimana admits sending threat on Instagram

One week later on May 28, court documents revealed that Habimana was informed by the principal at BHS that he would be held back as a Junior and that he would not graduate with the class of 2025.
At around 6 p.m. that night, one of BHS's official Instagram accounts received messages from the username "unknown_202473774."
The user wrote: "I wanna kill three of see u. Fc bhs I hate you all maybe 1 day in dis week I wish to shoot 1000 students before they going in summer break see you gloom Sunday." His post also included three emojis of the theatrical comedy and tragedy mask.
School officials immediately contacted BPD to handle the threat investigation. After being contacted, BPD started requesting account information from Meta, the parent company of Instagram. After several data requests to different companies, police officers finally placed Habimana as the owner of the account that sent threatening messages.
After Habimana was identified as the suspect, BPD started surveilling the 18-year-old while they waited for search warrants. When Habimana arrived at his apartment, police made contact and searched his phone.
Court documents revealed that Habimana admitted to police officers that he posted on Instagram and threatened to shoot Brownsburg students.
When a police officer read the post aloud, the teenager explained what his message meant. Habimana said that while he was angry because of what happened to him, he allegedly did not have any "intentions of hurting anyone."
Because Habimana is 18, he was charged as an adult with "intimidation with threat of a forcible felony" and taken to the Hendricks County Jail.
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